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    Mr. Allwork (The Garfield Show)

    Mr Allwork
    And you all thought Mr. Krabs was a money grubbing monster...
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Garfield and Friends

    Mr. Allwork is a semi-recurring character from the Cartoon Network/Boomerang show The Garfield Show. He's Jon's lawyer who made his first appearance in the episode "Virtualodeon", he later on gets a major (and his only) role in the episode "Odie for Sale", where Mr. Allwork serves as the main antagonist of the latter episode.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He's responsible for putting Jon though other misery and desperation for money.
    2. He acts like a sarcastic jerk to Jon; he threatens him that he will sue him if he does not get paid, which is ironically inexcusable considering the fact that Mr. Allwork is, you know... Jon's lawyer.
    3. While passable, his design looks like a rip-off of Liz's father.
    4. His sarcastic attitude is super infuriating, and will make you want to punch him in the face.
    5. He also shows no care for his own son. Heck, when Mr. Allwork's son tries to talk the later into sparing Jon, Mr. Allwork out right threatens to sue him!
    6. He has no reason for wanting Jon to pay him, he's supposed to be Jon's lawyer.
    7. Near the end, while Mr. Allwork does become better with his son and even lets Jon keep Odie, Mr. Allwork makes a threat to Jon that he will come back more vale, meaning that he has not learned his lesson.
    8. He's never punished for his actions, making him a HUGE Karma Houdini.
    9. While being better portrayed in later episodes of The Garfield Show, he never got a chance to redeem himself, nor does he ever apologize to Jon for his attitude previously in the episode "Odie for Sale".

    Good Qualities

    1. His voice acting is decent.
    2. He never makes another major appearance for the rest of The Garfield Show, only having small roles and he's also shown no interest in suing Jon.
    3. Like BQ#3 says, his design is passable.


    1. Due to Mr. Allwork's poor reviews by fans and critics alike, he never got another major role in later episodes of The Garfield Show after his role in "Odie for Sale", additionally, the thought of Mr. Allwork wanting to sue Jon never gets brought up or mentioned again for the rest of the series.


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