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    Moxy (Uglydolls)
    If only your imperfections could amount to an actual personality.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Overly-Saccharine Mary-Sue Protagonist
    Species: Uglydoll
    Portrayed by: Kelly Clarkson
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Uglydolls (2019)

    Moxy is the main protagonist of the 2019 animated film UglyDolls. She is an outgoing and optimistic Uglydoll, aspiring to achieve her dream of going to the Big World.

    Why She'll Never Go to The Big World

    1. She is a very bland main character, even for children's movies standards as she has a stereotypical personality and motives.
    2. While her design is intended to make her look ugly, she doesn't even look ugly in the slightest, as the original ugly dolls had blank stares, felt that looked dirty and worn out alongside unsaturated colors. While her design in the film is "cutesified" for the sake of merchandising.
    3. Her goal of going to The Big World is incoherent, since we never get an explanation or origin of why she wants to go to The Big World. Alongside dragging her friends into it for her own sake.
    4. She has an agitating personality throughout the film as she has a consistently saccharine and personality with little to no nuance, although there have been times where she was upset.
    5. She can get upset for completely pathetic reasons, most notably being when she was upset that Lou called her ugly. While being called ugly isn't at all nice, it makes her look incredibly hypocritical for getting upset when she lives from a town called Uglyville, where ugly is used as a compliment between citizens and even her own species is dubbed as uglydolls; it makes absolutely no sense why she was so hurt by being called ugly.
    6. She is obnoxiously tenacious, such as continuing to coax her friends into dropping everything just to support her goal of going to the Big World. Alongside challenging Lou into making her go to the Big World.
    7. Speaking of Lou, although he committed terrible, nigh, unjustifiable acts throughout the entire film, most of them wouldn't have even occurred if Moxy didn't continue to spite him into inflating his ego.
      • In fact, there were red flags Lou that he will not cater to her interests and at best she'll get her feelings hurt. Yet she continues to push his buttons despite everything and nearly ends up leaving Uglyville as a depressed town, and getting others nearly killed.
    8. She is a Mary Sue as she gets whatever she wants, such as going to The Big World, without even caring who gets hurt as long as she gets what she wants.
      • Alongside that, she makes it through The Gauntlet with little to no struggle and has practically the answer to every obstacle she encounters.
    9. She is very hypocritical, such as being offended by being called ugly and allowing the Spy Girls to reform themselves while Lou couldn't, which doesn't make sense since they helped Lou in his plans and didn't even apologize, while he actually did.
    10. When it was revealed that Lou was a prototype, hence unable to go to the Big World and be loved by a child. It was made clear in a subtle tone that Lou simply had a shallow belief of body standards and was such a vile individual because he was hurt many times by having to live watching others fulfill his dreams, while he was essentially forced to limbo of watching the process over and over again. Moxy barely shows any compassion towards him and instead disfigured him with the washing machine and left him as a janitor to be tortured by the robot dog.
      • This moment defies everything that Moxy preached as she doesn't sympathize with Lou's imperfections and practically punishes him for it while forgiving The Spy Girls despite them being allied with him.

    Ugly (Redeeming) Qualities

    1. Her design is decent and stays loyal to her original depiction as Gorgeous.
    2. She is a friendly and caring doll, such as consoling the baby after Lou had kicked it.
    3. She can be a figure of inspiration to those that suffer from body image issues.
    4. Her personality can be endearing to some.
    5. Kelly Clarkson did a great job voicing her, and it was a massive improvement over her performance as Kelly from the film From Justin to Kelly.
      • It also helps that she had an incredible singing voice.


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