Motherface (Dude Bro Party Massacre III)

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Is this your mother? No it's not!
Gender: Female
Type: Poorly-Written Psychopathic Killer and a Rip-off of Jennifer Hill
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Olivia Taylor Dudley
Status: Deceased
Media of origin: Dude Bro Party Massacre III

Motherface is the main antagonist of Dude Bro Party Massacre III.

Why She Kills People (In The Worst Way Possible)

  1. According to Brock Chirino, who was later killed in the intro, her flashback makes no sense. When people were doing a panty raid, there was a fire, thus leaving the sorority mother burnt.
  2. Like Jennifer Hill from I Spit In Your Grave, she mostly kills the people using her deadliest weapons due to her psychotic behavior, and to add insult to injury, this leads to many people getting killed severely. Although a calm but deadly Angela Baker from Sleepaway Camp killed people in a harsh way, she is much better than this person.
  3. Speaking of her behavior, she does have some deadly moments, and arguably in the worst way like Jennifer Hill and unlike Angela Baker:
    • In the first (and unseen) movie:
      • Andrew W.K was beheaded by her buzzsaws when he attempts to find a frisbee.
      • C-Trunk gets killed by a harpoon while she and Cindy are having oral sex, thus leaving the latter in pain.
      • Coach Handsey gets impaled by a javelin in the locker room.
      • Men, taking a shower, were killed, slashed with meat cleavers, shoved through the mouth with a javelin, and decapitating one with a machete.
    • In the second (and again, unseen) movie:
      • She also killed a man's, throat while he was about to vomit in the toilet, which was covered in orange blood.
      • Before Jimmy Galoshes touched an electrocuted woman, she cuts a wire and electrocuted all the half-naked girls.
      • She also cuts the arcade wire when the two men are playing inside the arcade, thus electrocuting them.
      • Chaz Noodlemen's hands were cut by a blade-like weapon while driving until he and the girl were crushed by another unseen vehicle.
      • She uses a sign to kill a weed dealer.
      • She even grabs Dolphman's face to make juice.
      • Little Spoon's death is the worst offender, as he was killed with an unseen weapon and therefore, it creates a blood-covered flood.
    • In this movie:
      • She used a hoe to ram into the back of Derek's head, thus damaging the power of the circuit, but thankfully the power went on.
      • Spike was stabbed in the head by her when he is finding beer. His brain was drained in the beer tap.
      • Pepperstone was stabbed to death by her.
      • Todd was killed by her in the tent using a machete while he is having sex with Samantha.
      • ZQ and Sizzler were killed by her, with the former getting bisected after he was crushed by a tree.
      • Samzy's tongue was ripped by her when she controls him as a robot until he gets drowned by the lake.
      • Sizzler's heart was removed by her until his organs were flushed down in the toilet.
      • And lastly, she stabbed Samantha in the stomach, killing her child.
      • She also sliced her vertically using the fire poker.
  4. Her appearance looks ugly to look at, especially her face.
  5. She has an atrocious voice acting in the film due to her monstrous voice.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her defeat was SATISFYING as Brent, who was turned muscular after possessing powers of the dead Delta Bi, stomps her endlessly to death.
  2. While her voice was atrocious, at least she somewhat had a decent performance in this film.


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