Morgan Patrick

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Morgan Patrick
Morgan Patrick.jpg
If you thought Suzy Johnson was bad, then wait till you see this unlikable brat.
Gender: Female
Type: Spoiled Brat
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Eden Grace Redfield
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: 'Andi Mack'

Morgan Patrick is a recurring character in the Disney teen sitcom Andi Mack. She is the daughter of Miranda Patrick, Bowie's ex-girlfriend. She is portrayed by Eden Grace Redfield.

Why She Sucks

  1. Much like Suzy Johnson, she is very manipulative, deceitful, overbearing, devious, sociopathic, dominant, spoiled and bratty, always causing trouble for Andi and her family.
  2. Even though she’s a troublemaker, she never gets in trouble, even after her mother is aware, as her mother is just as terrible as her, making her a Karma Houdini.
  3. In Crime Scene: AndiShack!, Morgon’s mother allowed her to stay in the AndiShack, because she forced Andi to do so, and she stole the prayer bracelet box, just so she could blame it on Andi and get her in trouble.
  4. She is a criminal, as her mother allows her to do whatever she wants, and even when she does bad things, her mother denies any acknowledge of it, making it one of the reasons she gets away unpunished.
  5. When she returned in "The Ex Factor", she was in another plan with her mom, as she lied about her mom having another boyfriend, and pretended she went missing in the store, just so her mom could win Bowie back. This just goes to show she will never change her terrible bratty attitude.
  6. Just like her mom, she also has little to no personality other than these bad traits.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Eden Grace Redfield does a good job voicing her.


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