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    Moon Butterfly (seasons 3 and 4)

    Moon Butterfly
    This unhinged queen should have been overthrown a long time ago.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Bigoted Queen
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Grey Griffin
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Star vs. the Forces of Evil
    First appearance: Star Comes to Earth
    Last appearance: Cleaved

    Moon Butterfly, also known as Queen Moon is a major character in the Disney Channel series Star vs. the Forces of Evil. As the strict queen of the kingdom of Mewni, she sent her daughter Star Butterfly to Earth for accidentally setting the family castle on fire but later takes her back to protect her from Toffee. Her reign, however, became very complicated when a mysterious woman named Eclipsa breaks out of her crystal prison in a pact Moon made with her many years ago. She is voiced by Grey Griffin.

    While Moon was likeable in the first two seasons and the Battle for Mewni arc, she like many other characters sadly underwent character derailment and flanderization.

    Why Her Magic Suddenly Fizzled Out

    1. Queen Moon was originally depicted in the earlier seasons as just a strict and cautious but level headed queen who wanted what she believed was best for her kingdom and her daughter. Unfortunately, she later turned into a stubborn and racist woman who ended up ruining her own kingdom.
    2. She is a terrible mother to Star Butterfly as she became way too strict and overbearing towards her, going as far as constantly lashing out at her, belittling her, and even refusing to listen to her at all.
    3. She helped Mina Loveberry create the Solarrian army in a bid to take the throne of Mewni back from Eclipsa, even though the latter was proven to be the rightful holder of the throne. This all resulted in a near genocide for the monsters and the kingdom of Mewni becoming permanently ruined.
    4. She ruined Star’s friendship with Rhombulus in "Coronation" as she was the one to convince Rhombulus to free Globgor and send everyone into a panic just so she could get the chance to prevent Eclipsa from being coronated as queen.
      • She also failed to tell the other members of the Magical High Commission of her plan for Globgor, resulting in Rhombulus getting blamed for everything and arrested.
    5. She not only made the heroic sacrifice Lekmet made for her in the season 2 finale nearly pointless but she also tarnished Lekmet’s legacy.
    6. She has massive issues concerning trust and she chose to trust Mina Loveberry, who is shown to be mentally unstable but also chooses to not trust Eclipsa and Star, leading to Moon being predictably double crosses by Mina.
    7. She holds very petty grudges towards people as she conspired to get back at Eclipsa for causing her to lose her memory even though that was obviously an accident.
    8. She is also very rude towards Star’s friends, including Marco and Tom.
    9. She frequently treats her husband, King River poorly as she constantly undermines his authority as king and in "Royal Pain", she kicked River out of the castle just for failing to clean up after himself.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Her bigotry and behavior can be somewhat explained and sympathized for as it has been explained that Moon’s mother was murdered by a monster named Toffee during a peace conference.
    2. Her character design is cool and attractive.
    3. Grey Griffin still did a great job voicing her.
    4. She somewhat redeemed herself, even though it comes as the massive cost of her kingdom and many magical beings.
    5. She is cool during her fight sequences and during the times she uses magic.
    6. She was likable in the first two seasons. Additionally, she, along with Star Butterfly and the members of the Magic High Commission, were okay in the first few episodes of season 3.


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