Moody Margaret

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Margaret Millicent Maudita Smythe or Moody Margaret is a character in the Horrid Henry books and TV Series.

Why She Sucks

  1. She has a mediocre design.
  2. She is a sexist brat who hates boys.
  3. She also got angry at her parents because they won't buy her something.
  4. She and Sour Susan also got Henry and Rude Ralph in trouble at school in "Horrid Henry and the School Uniform" at the very end of the episode by making them slime Miss Battle-Axe and Mrs Oddbod and they get chased by them in the end, and she and Susan gets away with it scott-free.
  5. She barely shows any kindness to Henry, even Peter has his kind moments to Henry.
  6. She's extremely bossy. She thinks being a host and guest both are worth being declared as incharge. Whenever she goes to her friends' house, she's the guest and everyone must listen to her and when guests come to her house, she bosses them because it's her house.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. She actually helped Henry in some episodes.
  2. Her dislike for Henry is kinda reasonable since he hates the opposite sex and he tries to defeat her.
  3. She might have a little crush on Henry, as seen in "Horrid Henry Gets Married".
    • In the episode "Happy Birthday Peter!", she showed disgust to Henry's Mum when she said that it would be good if Henry disappeared.
  4. There are some moments where she's funny.