Monokuma Kubs

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Monokuma Kubs
The Monokumarz Monokubs Illustration.png
Rise and shine, Ursine!
Gender: Male, Female
Type: Unfunny Bears
Species: Artificial Intelligence
Portrayed by: Kōichi Yamadera/Sean Chiplock
Jason Wishnov
Patrick Seitz
Brian Beacock
Natalie Hoover
Status: Inactive
Media of Origin: Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

The Monokuma Kubs, or "Monokubs" for short, (モノクマーズ Monokumāzu lit. Monokumarz), also known as the "Children of Monokuma", are a group of five child-like robots that claim to be the children of the malicious robotic bear, Monokuma featured in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.

Why They Suck

All of Them

  1. They're all incredibly one-dimensional, especially when compared to the rest of the cast (though this might have been intentional).
  2. They serve little to no purpose to the story.
  3. Speaking of that, the only purpose they do serve?
    • Scenario 1: A body is discovered, and before anyone can start wondering what happened, the Monokubs show up to take up some minutes of screen time for unfunny jokes and pointless shenanigans.
    • Scenario 2: It's the middle of a Trial. Something major has happened, something that will influence the rest of the story, and then the Monokubs show up to take up more minutes of screen time for more unfunny jokes and more pointless shenanigans. Heck, they even do this during the final trial, right when the Mastermind is revealed!
    • It gets to the point where even Monokuma is fed up with their bantering and decided to kill them off one-by-one, along with the students in the executions.
  4. This applies in-universe as well, as the audience watching the Danganronpa reality TV show finds the kubs annoying as well. Even Shuichi doesn't seem to care when they get blown up in the final trial, and when they engage him in a Rebuttal Showdown to save themselves, he coldly reminds them that none of the deceased students wanted to die either (save for Ryoma Hoshi).
  5. They're all brought back near the end, only to be killed, AGAIN.


  1. He's a clumsy and incompetent leader (though he can be a minor exception).
  2. He's pretty dumb and outright admits he doesn't pay attention sometimes.
  3. He seems to have an odd fixation on his butthole. He's also weirdly interested when Tsumugi says she went to restroom, asking whether she took a firm or a soft dump.


  1. He's is a bear with rocker motifs who never shuts up.
  2. He's a cruel bully towards Monodam, the most likable of the group, and almost all the time Monokid spends onscreen is him mistreating and abusing the latter.
  3. The rest of his time onscreen is dedicated to him annoying his siblings. So much so that even they hate him and Monphanie outright says "Screw him" when he dies.
  4. He manages to be least intelligent of the Monokubs, and is either too stupid or too out of it to do anything other than screaming, swearing and picking on Monodam.
  5. Speaking of swearing, his vulgar behavior gets annoying pretty fast.


  1. She's literally just Monomi from Danganronpa 2, but with a ton of disturbing fetishes.
  2. While seemingly the nicest and most even tempered of the Monokubs, and apparently dislikes violence and gore, often suggesting that the killing game be changed to something more peaceful. Despite this, she still cooperates to keep the game going and makes no real effort to stop it.
  3. She tends to puke a lot, onscreen. Which is just disgusting.
  4. She acts way too happy about being licked by Monokuma, and has more than once shown an interest in Monotaro, who need we remind you, is her BROTHER.


  1. He's little more than a whiny jerk.
  2. He has an obsession with money, frequently suggests ways of making money, such as making merchandise of the Exisals.
  3. Hypocrisy: During the penultimate Rebuttal Showdown, he tries to defend Tsumugi by saying that bad guys never wear glasses, when he himself wears glasses.
  4. He really doesn't appreciate Monodam defending him for his slip-ups. This results in his destruction.


  1. He's the most robotic of the five (though he's also the most likeable).

Redeeming Qualities

  1. As aforementioned, Monodam is the most popular and well-received of the group, due to the fact that he doesn't speak as much, and kills Monokid and Monosuke.
  2. Thanks to issues brought about by his mounting memory problems, Monotaro decides to cast the rules aside and join the investigation during Chapter 4. Unfortunately, hee's reprogrammed back to "normal" by the time of the class trial, though.
  3. The concept of a family of Monokuma-like A.I. is pretty interesting and creative, even if the outcomes ended up being annoying and unlikable.


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