Momoko Asagiri

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Momoko Asagiri
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Poor mommy, why didn't she care about poor Aya...
Gender: Female
Type: Neglectful Mother
Age: 46
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Magical Girl Site

Momoko Asagiri is a minor yet recurring character of the manga/anime, Magical Girl Site. She is adopted mother of the series' main protagonist, Aya Asagiri, and the biological mother of Kaname Asagiri, and also the abused wife of Jiro Asagiri.

Why She Sucks

  1. The problem with Momoko is that she is a generic "terrible and neglectful" mother who barely cares much about the behavior of his son, Kaname besides with Aya having to struggle with the bullying at school and beaten by her brother.
  2. Momoko herself is treated like a useless, yet a complete moron just like Aya by her husband and son. But 14 years ago, she made a harsh decision to adopt Aya when her husband murdered her second child in a womb, which led her to a miscarriage. This adoption will leave Aya bullied at school and beaten by her brother, due to his father's abuse and "expectations" of his studies at home, whom she isn't aware.
  3. She's much more neglectful and uncaring than Aya's teachers.
  4. She barely has any character development only with his husband nor her children, whatsoever.
  5. She's as weak as Aya when she was abused by his husband.
  6. She fails to be very overprotective to her children and ignores the mistreatment Aya gets from her husband and son. Then, acts like her daughter didn't deserve this even though Momoko doesn't.
  7. She rarely ever sympathizes Aya as his son, Kaname has to endure on having Aya help him relieve his stress from his father's abuse and expectations. Instead of telling Aya about her problems, she was instead interrupted by her husband that only cares about Kaname's education, but thinks of Aya as irrelevant to the family and had to ignore her for that.
  8. When his husband revealed to Aya that she was not his biological child, Momoko tried to slap him, and he slapped her back, making her unable to fight back just like Aya.
  9. She didn't know much of his son's cruel and sadistic complex behavior and she didn't protect Kaname from his father.
  10. She has barely any character development whatsoever, and is forgotten.
  11. She is irresponsible when she is never told by Aya about Kaname nor her bullies.
  12. She doesn't even arrest her husband at all for his abusive misdeeds.
  13. She is in fact a rip-off of Kate McCallister (Kevin’s mother) from Home Alone, who seems less caring about her children's lives.
  14. As mentioned in WSS #11, She doesn't even bother calling the police about his husband's violent behavior towards Kaname, but she comes across as the same weakling that Aya has become.
  15. Misleading Age: Momoko’s age is supposed to be 46 years old in the official manga character files, but she kinda looks like a young teenage girl.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite negligence towards Aya, She is a nice mother who would never harm Aya or Kaname.
  2. Her voice acting is good.
  3. Her character design is cute despite her age being misleading.
  4. She is protective towards her children.
  5. She has some sympathy of being abused from her husband.
  6. In the final chapter, she no longer has to endure being weak as Aya from her husband's beatings (whom he no longer has to pressure Kaname from his education). But now, she and her husband were able to adopt the cat, Mya by Aya.
  7. She is an epitome of how NOT to neglect children.


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