Moe (Calvin and Hobbes)

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Moe is a bully from Calvin and Hobbes. He bullies Calvin, often for money, whenever they run into each-other.

Why He (Intentionally) Sucks

Note: His character only exists so we can sympathize with Calvin.

  1. He constantly bullies Calvin by stealing his toy truck, extorting money from Calvin or physically injuring him for example.
  2. Usually, a character only bullies Calvin if provoked. But he’s the exception.
  3. While Calvin can be a bully himself, he has redeeming qualities (and it’s implied that due to his overactive imagination, he’s not fully aware that his actions are hurting people when he does something wrong). But Moe has none, and while dumb, he is fully aware that his actions are hurting people.
  4. Unlike Calvin who doesn’t get away when he does something bad most of the time, he only gets his comeuppance on very rare occasions.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of his interactions with Calvin can be funny in a dark way.
  2. As noted above, Calvin isn’t exactly a teacher’s pet, though he doesn’t deserve to be constantly bullied.
  3. Calvin once managed to scare him with his toy tiger Hobbes, and another time Calvin’s mom called Ms. Wormwood about Moe’s bullying habits and made him give Calvin’s quarter back to him, but that’s about it when it comes to karma.


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