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    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Strong language

    Mitzy Richardson
    "Screw youuuuuuu you're just a hater."
    Gender: Non-binary
    Type: Annoying protagonist who never shuts up
    Age: 12/13
    Species: Human
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Meet the Richardson Family

    Mitzy Richardson is the protagonist of the webtoon Meet the Richardson Family, created by Watashiee.

    Why They Suck

    1. They ALWAYS yell and never shut up in every page of the webtoon, one example is that when David gave them a bunny hat, they started immediately screaming, at least you don't hear it. It's pretty much on par with Dodie Bishop from As Told by Ginger levels of blabbering.
    2. Like the other characters in the comics, Mitzy's character design is very ugly, especially the anatomy in this case, like when they open their jaw (screaming).
    3. Mitzy is also hypocritical at times in some pages of the webtoon, for example, in "Too Feminine!", Mitzy berates their brother Olli and have him carry all the bags just because he doesn't want to wear feminine clothing, yet Mitzy says "Wear what you like!'.
    4. Not only is this hypocritical of Mitzy to do, but it's transphobic as well! Because they won't affirm Olli's gender identity and insist that he should still dress like a girl against his will.
    5. They are also very sensitive, as shown in the page "He asked for no onions", they scream towards the worker demanding him to "remake" the burger. At least they become calm afterwards.
    6. They don't have an interesting or unique backstory, other than having a family and birthname they no longer use.
    7. Mitzy is also a privacy invader, as they snooped through Olli's past images before he transitioned
    8. They often do unhealthy and bad habits such as spending money on toys and Monster.
    9. They hate Celicity because she stole their binder (which is understandable), however, Mitzy wishes she would die, ignoring the truth regarding her true feelings, and that Mitzy judges a book by its cover.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. You can feel bad for them for having an abusive father who deadnames them.
    2. Their design is somewhat passable, even if they're wearing too many accessories.
    3. They care for their friends, especially when they are bullied or hurt by others, for example, in the chapter "David's Friends", they comfort and help David after they were both bullied online.
    4. They are confident when it comes to solving problems.
    5. They accept and love their friends for who they are.
    6. "You horse faced b***h! I'll cut your head off and use it as a necklace w***e."
    7. Starting with the new chapter "Bass Pro Shop", they now have an improved design and don't yell as much anymore.


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