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    Miss Simian
    I'll see you after class!
    Type: Abusive Disciplinarian
    Species: Anthropomorphic Ape
    Portrayed by: Hugo Harold-Harrison
    Media of origin: The Amazing World of Gumball

    Lucinda Janice "Lucy" Simian, (as known as Miss Simian), is the secondary antagonist of the animated series The Amazing World of Gumball. She is Gumball's sadistic teacher, who has been teaching second grade for 300 millennia.

    She was voiced by Lewis MacLeod in Season 1 (who also voiced her boyfriend, Principal Nigel Brown), and later by Hugo Harold-Harrison in Season 2.

    Why She's Intentionally an Abusive Teacher

    1. The way she is written is all over the place. She's supposed to be a good-natured, yet funny character who would care for her students. yet most of the time she comes off as a grumpy, abusive, obnoxious, and cantankerous individual.
    2. She is also known to bully people much younger than her, as shown in "The Ape".
    3. She was at her absolute worst in "The Apology". When she becomes particularly enraged or frustrated, she reverts to a much more feral personality, and (like a real ape) will loudly screech, and go on a rampage of destruction.
    4. She rarely apologizes or gets comeuppance for actions making her a Karma Houdini.
    5. She is basically the Cartoon Network and female version of Denzel Crocker from Nickelodeon's The Fairly OddParents, but without any of her likable traits.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Her relationship with Nigel Brown is very heartwarming.
    2. Her nasty and aggressive attitude is somewhat understandable since she is been a teacher for many years (numbered in the thousands), a job that she hates.
    3. She does get her comeuppance in some episodes. For example:
      • In "The Mystery", she was hit by a door, sending her flying out the window before being run over by the ambulance that was called for Principal Brown.
      • In "The Ape", she rejects them and grabs the note, in exchange for falling into the overpass.
    4. She does show care for her students and has likable and tolerable moments in some episodes such as:
      • "The Words"
      • "The Fraud"
      • She was at her best in "The Joy".
        • She pretends to be infected herself while sneaking past the other infected people but blows her cover when she confronts Banana Joe, who once again violated the school dress code.
    5. She does apologize for her actions in "The Apology" when she quickly excuses the boys to clean up the car herself, and as the boys leave, she whispers an apology to them.


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