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    Miss Minchin
    Gender: Female
    Type: Severe Headmistress of the Seminary
    Age: 46-47
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Taeko Nakanishi (Japanese dub)
    Penny Day (Animax/English dub)
    Media of origin: Princess Sara

    Miss Maria Minchin is the main antagonist of the 1985 Japanese anime series Princess Sara. She is severe headmistress of the seminary where Sara is sent to. She was voiced by Taeko Nakanishi in the Japanese dub, and Penny Day in the English dub.

    Why She's the Cruelest Teacher and Headmistress of Seminary

    1. She mistreats and abuses Sara and Becky in most episodes.
    2. She's cruel, brutal, and selfish in this series.
    3. In "Ermengarde the Good Friend", she prepares to whip Ermengarde with a switch for leaving school to visit her aunt on her birthday.
    4. She cruelly tossed Sara's tiara to the ground in "The Dark Room in the Attic".
    5. She fired Monsieur Dufarge in "The Departure of Sensei Dufarge".
    6. She slapped Sara in the face, which was super mean-spirited.
    7. She was at her absolute worst in "Driven Away on a Snowy Day", when she kicked Sara out of her seminary.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. She was very tolerable sometimes in early episodes.
    2. She tells the truth about Sara's father when he passed away in "The Mystery of the Resident of the Special Room".
    3. She redeems herself in "Miss Minchin's Regret"; she gets this big time from Miss Amelia near the end of the series.
      • Ironically, this is what she would claim her severe treatment was meant to do to Sarah.
    4. Her design is admittedly decent.
    5. Taeko Nakanishi and Penny Day both did okay jobs voicing her.


    In the Philippines, many ABS-CBN fans were outraged at Miss Minchin because of her mistreatment and abuse of Sara.


    • Candice Moore planned on voiced her in the Animax dub, but she was unable to do so.
    • Her personality was similar to Mrs. Meany from Woody Woodpecker.


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