Miranda Patrick

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Miranda Patrick
Miranda Patrick.PNG
Even if Andi Mack has likable adults like Bex and Bowie, this is one adult who is extremely unlikable.
Gender: Female
Type: Creepy Love Stalker and Terrible Mother
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Chloe Hurst
Status: Alive
Media of origin: 'Andi Mack'

Miranda Patrick is a recurring character in the Disney teen sitcom Andi Mack. She is the local botanist who works for the City of Shadyside. She meets Bex and Bowie at Judy's Blooms. She also has a daughter named Morgan.

Miranda is portrayed by Chloe Hurst.

Why She Sucks

  1. She's a terrible mother, she spoils her daughter Morgan, and is completely aware she's a troublemaker but she did nothing to stop her, on purpose.
  2. When she and Bowie were dating, she's proven to be very pushy over what Bowie's interests are.
  3. In Crime Scene: AndiShack!, she forced Andi to let Morgan stay in AndiShack, and when Morgan stole the prayer bracelet box, she made Andi apologize even though Morgan really did take it, just so her own parents would accuse her of being untrustworthy.
  4. Even though she acts like a good civilian, she secretly allows her daughter to do what ever she wants and deny any knowledge of it, she's basically a criminal in her own right.
  5. When she returned in "The Ex Factor", she pretended to be a changed person, but she lied about having another boyfriend, and pretended her daughter went missing in the store, just so she could win Bowie back. This just goes to show she will never change her terrible parenting skills.
    • Speaking of which, other antagonists such as TJ and Amber may not be very pleasant but at least they've shown to have depth and try to become nicer. Miranda did no such thing.
  6. She also has little to no personality other than these bad traits.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Chloe Hurst did an amazing job portraying her.


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