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    "I can finally get some privacy from those losers."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Mean Panther
    Species: Panther
    Portrayed by: Bridget Ogundipe
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: 'Life's a Zoo'

    Minou is a Jamaican panther who happens to be a model. She is one of the 7 contestants from the stop motion animated series Life's a Zoo.

    She is voiced by Bridget Ogundipe.

    Why We Intentionally Need Privacy from Her

    1. She has the personality of a mean popular girl. She is also greedy and snotty, believing everyone else is beneath her; men are attracted to her, nonetheless.
    2. She thinks that having bulimia is a "great way to keep her tummy flat, and that bulimia came from sex." No kidding!
    3. She's extremely insecure about her appearance deep down, which comes out as anger.
    4. She hates Chi-Chi for a very stupid reason. It's all because she's fat. Talk about fat-shaming!
      • Irony: Minou is shown to be nice to Chi-Chi sometimes and even had sex with her and Morreski in the episode "It's Not Easy Being Chi".
    5. She is shown to be a cheater:
      • In the episode, "Random Acts of Niceness," she pissed off the other contestants and took some pills to make herself happier just so she could win the challenge and get some bars of gold, which is cheating. Hell, she even refused to step on the scale to determine how much gold bars she was going to get.
    6. She jumped off a plane without a parachute and broke her bones and had to be in a body cast and a wheelchair in "Unplugged and Rewired" when she was the first one eliminated in the second season because she thought the plane was fake. She could've gotten killed!
    7. She developed a binge eating disorder trying to win a challenge in "Live and Let Diet." However, she ended up getting eliminated for gaining weight.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Her voice is soothing and cute to listen to, all thanks to Bridget Ogundipe.
    2. She has a good reason to hate Jake: because he's such a pervert, especially towards her.
    3. Being the alpha bitch she is, it's obvious that she was clearly meant to be hated.


    • She constantly gets harassed by Jake, as he has a crush on her.
    • In "Ray Against the Machine," she was originally going to win, despite the original script being destroyed.
    • Minou is the only contestant who has her own room in the mansion.
    • She and Chi-Chi are the only female contestants on Life's a Zoo.
    • She is shown to wear wigs, as shown in the episode, "Scared Shirtless."
    • She remained in a body cast and in a wheelchair for the remainder of the series.


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