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    Milo J. Finkerfish
    There are many good background characters in the SpongeBob universe, but this isn't one of them.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Bad Talent Manager
    Age: Adult
    Species: Fish
    Portrayed by: Tom Kenny
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: SpongeBob SquarePants
    First appearance: Squid Wood
    Last appearance: Squid Wood

    Milo J. Finkerfish is a character who appears in the infamous episode "Squid Wood".

    He was voiced by Tom Kenny.

    Why He Is a Poor Talent Manager and Deserves to Get Fired

    1. To write down the first problem about him, he is a filler character just to add on the Squidward torture.
    2. He abruptly stopped Squidward's attempt to destroy SpongeBob's Mini Squidward puppet.
    3. Also, similar to the other "character" in the episode, his existence is pretty much pointless and just adds to beat up Squidward mentally.
    4. Although Squidward was wrongfully replaced by SpongeBob, Milo could've helped make his dreams come true, but he thought Mini Squidward, being just a generic puppet, somehow was a better player and crushed Squidward's dreams which doesn't make sense from the fact that they both played the same song from the clarinet which is implied that he is much biased. In other words, he's obsessed with the puppet.
    5. Like SpongeBob, he also humiliated Squidward in front of a load of people.
    6. He also considered himself superior to others which highly implies that he is self-centered.
    7. He is also a terrible manager compared to Milo J. Fingerfrish which both are bad bosses who are cruel and mean-spirited. Though the difference between the two is that he is way too incompetent while Milo J. Fingerfish is way too aggressive.
    8. He never makes a return to have a redemption role after Squid Wood which again from WHIAPTMADTGF #2 makes him very pointless and also makes him a scrappy.
    9. We don't know much about him as it is even unknown who he even works for, thus making him underdeveloped and one-dimensional.
    10. What is also worse is that he believes Mini Squidward is a real person despite the fact that he is just a lifeless wooden puppet being used by SpongeBob and nothing else. This makes him an idiot.
    11. Overhaul, he's by far a worse villain in the episode for letting SpongeBob get away with the torture he has done using the puppet.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Tom Kenny does a great job voicing him.
    2. Milo J. Finkerfish's design is great and passable as well.
    3. While Squidward's puppet problem is sadly not solved because of SpongeBob making the Mini SpongeBpb puppet and was mean-spirited for being bias and giving the Mini Squidward fame which again it is just a puppet, at least he did get the Mini Squidward puppet out of Squidward's life at the end. Unfortunately that doesn't make him a redeemed character for his actions.


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