Milo (Mars Needs Moms)

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Not to be confused with Milo from Fish Hooks.
"My life would be better if I didn't had a mom!"
Gender: Male
Type: Selfish Little Jerk
Age: 9
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Seth Dusky (voice)
Seth Green (motion-capture)
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Mars Needs Moms

Milo is the main protagonist of the Walt Disney Pictures and ImageMovers Digital's 2011 computer animated science fiction adventure film Mars Needs Moms. He is portrayed by Seth Green for motion-capture and voiced by Seth Dusky.

Why He Sucks

  1. He is a unlikable brat who was being a jerk to his mother.
  2. Aside from being a selfish little twerp, his only personality trait is liking zombie movies.
  3. He violated his mother's "No broccoli, no TV" rule by feeding it to the cat and watching TV when he was supposed to eat it.
  4. He has an argument with his mother after she sets him chores to complete over the summer when he wants it to be fun.
  5. To make matters worse, he says one line that's so disrespectful and it hurts his mom's feelings, that you'll hate him (or want him to get comeuppance) throughout the movie. He says that his life would be better if he didn’t have a mom at all, which is the most heartless thing a kid could ever say to their own parent, even holding for a good few seconds on how much those words hurt his mother. I’m sorry, we’re meant to root for this guy?
    • To be fair, kids his age can say stupid stuff like these which their own parents won't take it personally, but what he said here is way too mean-spirited, even for him.
  6. His voice is very annoying.
  7. His design is uncanny, he looks more like an teenager rather than a actual 9-years old.
  8. Once he goes to Mars, he basically drops any personality and just starts stating the obvious while occasionally saying nonsensical statements.
  9. His descriptions of his mother are completely askew, where to him, she‘s nothing more than strict, a cleaner, a dinner maker, and someone who takes him to Disneyland...and yes, he really says that.
  10. He is disagreeable to almost every rule his mom tells him.
  11. He is so dumb that he's unable to grasp the easiest information. For example, when Gribble explains in full detail why he’s on Mars and says why he was never able to see his mother again, Milo literally says “what do you mean?”.
  12. The way he says the world of trash is awesome when he sees is the most forced whimsical lines in the entire movie.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He decided to apologize to his mother, but when the aliens kidnap her, he risked his life to save her, showing that he truly cares about her.
  2. Speaking of that, at least Milo did apologized to his mom for what he said to her earlier, but that still doesn't excuse the long scene from Number 4. Then again, he said that he was sorry for everything that was wrong of himself, and redeemed himself in the end.
  3. As mentioned stated, Seth Dusty was decent choice for voicing him, despite his voice is very annoying.


  • Actor Seth Green, on top of being the motion capture actor for Milo, was also initially cast as his voice actor before his performance was deemed as sounding too mature for the character. It was subsequently cut and re-recorded by child actor Seth R. Dusky prior to the film's release despite the first trailer for the film featuring Green's dialogue.
  • On December 5, 2018, YouTuber RebelTaxi uploaded a video covering the production history of and reviewing every film released by ImageMovers Digital, where he jokingly advocated for the release of Seth Green's original performance complete with the hashtag “#ReleaseTheSethGreenCut”.
  • Earlier that year, YouTuber Justin Wilton ripped the film from its Blu-Ray release to use for his review of the film. After converting the video file, he found that a lower quality recording of Green's dialogue tracks were used in his ripped copy instead of Dusky's, despite his performance being the only English language setting on the disc menu and Green's not even being displayed as an accessible option. Assuming that the availability of the Seth Green cut was already known, its existence remained unknown to the wider public until he was prompted by #ReleaseTheSethGreenCut comments he saw online to announce his discovery on May 29, 2020. The following day, he uploaded the Seth Green cut of the movie to the Internet Archive.


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