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    Millie Burtonburger (Kid vs. Kat)

    Millie Burtonburger
    "Mr. Kat is not evil!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Immature Spoiled Brat
    Age: 8 (season 1)
    9 (season 2)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Kathleen Barr
    Media of origin: Kid vs. Kat

    Millie Burtonburger is a main character of the Canadian animated series Kid vs. Kat. She is the sister of Coop Burtonburger and daughter of Burt Burtonburger. She is the one who found Kat and started the whole incident between him and Coop (although Kat started it) and was never aware of his true nature to the point she believed Kat was always innocent.

    Why She Should Be Punished

    1. She is an egotistical, spoiled, whiny, rude, annoying, unlikable brat who throws fits whenever she doesn't get her way.
      • Her personality is way too similar to that of Wendy Koopa from the Mario cartoons, but the latter gets punished for her misbehavior by the Mario Bros.
    2. As mentioned above, she started the whole incident between Kat and Coop, in other words, she is responsible for all the events of the series.
    3. She never believes Coop about Kat's true colors whenever he mentions it and always blames Coop for all the bad things Kat does.
    4. She is very mean to Coop and often insults him.
      • There are even some episodes where she purposely tries to humiliate him in front of others.
      • Millie also seemingly enjoys it whenever Coop gets unfairly blamed for things he did not do, which is very mean-spirited.
    5. She rarely gets punished for her actions because her father, Burt always treats her like a princess (aside from "Cookie D'Uh", where she did get punished).
    6. For some reason, she's the only character in the series who doesn't get treated unfairly by Old Lady Munson, which doesn't make sense.
    7. Her voice is very whiny and annoying to listen to.
      • She is very noisy to the point she also has an ear-piercing singing voice as shown in "Stall that Jazz" where she, along with Coop was torturing Kat and was being told by Old Lady Munson to keep it down. She even tortured Kat again, made everyone deaf, destroyed one of the tomatoes that Old Lady Munson was picking, and made Burt deaf by making him fall off the ladder. Luckily, Old Lady Munson formed a mob and Old Lady Munson threw one of her gnomes at Millie's speakers causing them to explode even though Coop was on them he did survive.
      • She also screams at the top of her lungs when she doesn't get what she wants until someone caves in.
        • In "Let the Games Begin", when Burt tells her that she can't keep Kat she screams until her father changes his mind.
        • In the same episode as shown in WSSBP#5, she cheats in a Greenie Girl Scout cookie competition against Phoebe by screaming.
        • In "Class Act", she screamed when Coop and Dennis failed to bring Kat back after she, Lorne, Harley, and Phoebe chanted "Bring him back!" She screams again when Coop tells Burt that Kat's on the magic cabinet while trying to get him off so Coop would lie which gets him in trouble.
        • In "Pet Peeved", she and her best friend Molly were screaming until Burt forced Coop to help her find Kat.
        • In "The Kitty Vanishes", she screams when Kat disappears. Luckily, Burt was there to cheer her up.
        • In "Under Destruction", she screamed when she found that her princess castle was destroyed by Kat, which Coop was blamed for it, which caused him to lose his game room privileges.
      • In the same episode that has Molly in it, Molly behaves just like her and when Kat finds out that she was spending time with her instead of him, he runs away from home until the end of the episode.
        • When they were screaming, it caused the firefighters to think there was a fire, an iceberg to collapse and the moon to get destroyed.
    8. She is always easily fooled by Kat when it comes to acting like the innocent cat she thinks he is to fall for all the things Kat did to frame Coop. One example also being in the same episode as shown in WSSBP#5 after Kat made it look like Coop ate the cookies by pouring milk and cookie crumbs around his lips while he's asleep and tells their dad about him.
    9. She can sometimes be dumb and idiotic in some instances. One example is at the end of "Down The Drain" when Kat, Coop, and Dennis return home in the middle of a rainy day, she sees Kat being covered in mud as she once found him and idiotically starts saying, "Nope, that's not him either!", and later shuts the door at them, which is a sign of her stupidity.
    10. She always white-knights Kat for everything, no matter what he does.
      • In the series finale, when she finds out that Kat is an alien, she still loves Kat and still defends him no matter what, pretty much fails to find out about his true colors after that.
    11. For reasons overall, she even made both Perfect Peter and Darla Dimple look like saints in comparison.
    12. In "Me-Oh Me-Oh Meow", she lets Kat use Coop's blanket so he can find a place to sleep on and when Coop was getting his blanket back from Kat she told Coop to leave Kat alone when he wouldn't leave Coop alone.
    13. In "Just Me and Glue", she kept distracting Burt when he was supposed to help Coop build the robot which not only got Kat to attack Coop which got Coop sent to his room by their father but when she distracted him again and when Kat was attacking Coop and got Coop and himself glued together she told Coop to leave Kat alone when Kat was the one that wouldn't leave Coop alone.
    14. In "Dire Education", she brought Kat into her show and tell when cats aren't allowed in school, which caused Kat to break into Coop's gym and science class.
    15. In "Crouching Cooper, Hidden Kat", she gets help from Kat by throwing Coop into Old Lady Munson's yard, which Lorne and Harley recorded her doing and they, along with Dennis, Phoebe, and the rest of Coop's classmates laugh at him during school because of what they did. She and Kat do it again by throwing Coop on the merry-go-round, causing him to get sick which Lorne and Harley recorded as well. She then throws Coop onto the ground at the end of the episode, because she completed her Greenie Girls self-defense training.
    16. In "It's a Rocket, Man", when Kat steals her glasses, she blames Coop for it and without them on she hits her face on a chair, falls onto the concrete, and runs into Burt. When Burt tells her to watch TV she crashes into the grill and runs into him again. When she gets too close to the TV, she tells Coop she's watching ponies when she wasn't watching anything. She also runs into the couch and mistakes Kat for a pillow. She also runs into the kitchen table while Coop is eating his breakfast which causes him to spill his cereal she even spills all the cereal and milk so she can starve all because she thought Coop stole her glasses which she got her comeuppance by tripping on it and also she mistakes Kat for chicken. She also thinks Coop didn't launch his rocket when he already did while she was holding the whole chicken that she mistook Kat for.
    17. She and Phoebe were at their absolute worst in "Nuff Said", because, in that episode, Millie's heartless Greenie Girls scout leader blindly blames Coop and Dennis for the destruction caused by Kat without even trying to know the truth and Millie herself assists her in humiliating Coop instead of quitting the scout troop, not only telling Coop that he should be ashamed but even pretending that she doesn't know who he is and when her scout leader asks her if Coop lives with her or not she lies to her by saying he doesn't live with her forcing Coop to be grounded by their father for three months. She, along with Phoebe and the rest of the Greenie Girls scout troop spit at Coop and Dennis for defeating Kat when Kat destroyed part of their "planet" and didn't thank them. After that scene, she and Phoebe constantly do "good deeds" on purpose throughout the episode just to make themselves look like good girls to everyone and even get away with their cruelty towards Coop, with everyone viewing them as angels. Meanwhile, Coop is viewed by everyone as a vandal and delinquent when he did nothing wrong (but most of the human characters are too unrealistically blind and too oblivious to see it), especially his father, which is very irritating and painful to watch.

    Intentional Redeeming Qualities

    1. Her design is either okay or cute, as some viewers described her as adorable or beautiful according to the wiki.
    2. She's being idolized by Coop in Mind Games.
    3. Although, despite not being punished for her actions most of the time (as said in the same episode again as shown in WSSBP#5), she did get punished by Burt in the same episode as shown in WSSBP#5, where she gets caught for eating all of the cookies last night. Which is a rare sign of her getting punished.
    4. She can sometimes be slightly likable in some episodes.
      • In "Birthday Bashed", she along with Burt even greets Fiona Munson when she arrives during Coop's birthday.
    5. Her alternate future counterpart in "Kat To The Future Part 2" is more likable.
    6. She once found out that Kat was evil, but unfortunately went back to trusting him after Kat erased her memory, though she still defended Kat, despite this (as said in WSSBP#10).
    7. When her voice by Kathleen Barr isn't annoying, it can be tolerable, especially when her voice is calm and she is speaking in a calm tone.


    • Millie and Kat are both voiced by Kathleen Barr, which is ironic since Millie trusts a character who shares the same voice actor as her. No wonder why she defended Kat because they have the same voice actor.
    • She was nicknamed, "Big M" in "Kat To The Future Part 2" for her alternate future counterpart.


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