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    Millie Burtonburger (Kid vs. Kat)

    Millie Burtonburger
    KVK Millie.png
    "Mr. Kat is not evil!" (Of course he is, you spoiled brat! Speak your mind all you want, but that's not gonna take you out of this wiki!!)
    Gender: Female
    Type: Immature Spoiled brat
    The Canadian Equivalent of Perfect Peter and Darla Dimple
    Age: 8 (season 1)
    9 (season 2)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Kathleen Barr
    Media of origin: Kid vs. Kat

    Millie Burtonburger is a main character of the Canadian animated series, Kid vs. Kat. She is the sister of Coop Burtonburger and daughter of Burt Burtonburger. She is the one who found Kat and started the whole incident between him and Coop (although Kat started it) and was never aware of his true nature to the point she believed Kat was always innocent.

    Why She Should Be Punished

    1. She is an egotistical, spoiled, whiny, rude, annoying, unlikable brat who throws fits whenever she doesn’t get her way.
      • Her personality is way too similar to that of Wendy Koopa from the Super Mario Bros. cartoons, but the latter gets punished for her misbehavior by the Mario Bros.
    2. As mentioned above, she started the whole incident between Kat and Coop, in other words, she is responsible for all the events of the series.
    3. She never believes Coop about Kat's true colors whenever he mentions it and always blames Coop for all the bad things Kat does.
    4. She is very mean to Coop and often insults him.
      • There are even some episodes where she purposely tries to humiliate him in front of others.
    5. She never gets punished for her actions because her father, Burt always treats her like a princess (aside from RQ #3, where she did get punished).
    6. For some reason, she's the only character in the series who doesn't get treated unfairly by Old Lady Munson, which doesn't make sense.
    7. She is very noisy to the point she also has an ear-piercing singing voice as shown in "Stall that Jazz".
    8. Her voice is very whiny and annoying to listen to.
    9. She is always easily fooled by Kat when it comes to acting like the innocent cat she thinks he is to falling for all the things Kat did to frame Coop. One example being in "Cookie D'uh" after Kat made it look like Coop ate the cookies by pouring milk and cookie crumbs around his lips while he sleeps and tells their dad on him.
    10. She can sometimes be dumb and idiotic in some instances. One example being in the end of "Down The Drain", as when Kat, Coop and Dennis returned home while it's still raining, she did see Kat being covered in mud as she once found him and starts saying, "Nope, that's not him either!", which is a sign of her idiocy.
    11. She always white-knights Kat for everything, no matter what he does.
      • In fact, in the series finale, when she finds out that Kat is actually an alien, she still loves Kat and still defends him no matter what, pretty much failing to find about his true colors after that.
    12. For reasons overall, she even made both Perfect Peter and Darla Dimple look like saints in comparison.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Her design is either okay or cute, as some viewers described her as adorable or beautiful according to the wiki.
    2. She's being idolized Coop in Mind Games.
    3. Although, despite not being punished for her actions most of the time (as said in WSSBP #5), she did get punished by Burt in "Cookie D'Uh", where she gets caught for eating all of the cookies. which is a rare sign of her being punished.
    4. Her alternate future counterpart in "Kat To The Future Part 2" is more likable.
    5. She once found out that Kat was evil, but unfortunately went back to trusting him after Kat erased her memory, though she still defended Kat, despite this (as said in WSSBP #10).


    • Millie and Kat are both voiced by Kathleen Barr, which is ironic since Millie trusts a character who shares the same voice actor as her. No wonder why she defended Kat because they have the same voice actor.


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