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    "I know you feel the same way, Er-chan. I hate Jellal as well. He made us into slaves and he killed Simon. Unforgivable. Unforgivable. And that's why I joined Kagura-chan's guild."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Erza's childhood friend who has a weak, poorly-written character arc
    Age: 16 (X784)
    23 (X791)
    Species: Human/Cat Hybrid
    Portrayed by: Yukiyo Fuji (Japanese)
    Alexis Tipton (English)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Fairy Tail

    Millianna is a minor character in the manga/anime series Fairy Tail. She is one of Erza Scarlet's childhood friends from their days as slaves in the Tower of Heaven, having additionally worked as one of Jellal's minions for a time. She is currently a Mage of the all-female guild—Mermaid Heel.

    Why She Doesn't Deserve Kittens

    1. First of all, the main problem with Millianna is that despite having a painfully difficult past (where she worked as a slave in the Tower of Heaven, even being forced to become a villain under the control of a brainwashed Jellal) as well as being one of Erza's childhood friends, she practically has one of the weakest character arcs in the whole series.
    2. Her design is a mixed bag. It tries to be a hybrid between a cat and a human but the overall end result of her design doesn't quite blend the elements too well and she looks more like a woman with make up that makes her look vaguely like a cat.
      • The red markings on her face are supposed to resemble whiskers, but they more or less look like Indian make up.
      • Milliana's outfit (particularly the one she wore starting from the Grand Magic Games Arc up until before the Alvarez Empire Arc) is way too revealing and suggestive, and it sexualizes the character too much the point where it feels creepy (because Millianna's part animal).
    3. Her biggest, worst, and most glaring action in the series: In the Grand Magic Games Arc, Millianna and Erza are reunited again, which is nice and it's cool that one of Erza's childhood friends is back, but the scene immediately takes a downward spiral. Millianna reveals that her only reason to join Mermaid Heel is to seek revenge on Jellal for torturing her (in which she doesn't know he was being brainwashed by Ultear). She plans to have Jellal killed alongside Kagura.
      • The problem with Millianna is that her attitude and behavior don't even feel like they stem from that anymore (including her tone, childish words, and visibly forced reactions). In fact, Millianna looks more like she only wants to kill Jellal just for sadistic pleasure, which doesn't make her sympathetic or any better than someone who she thought tortured her.
        • Millianna is essentially exaggerating her pain and making herself a bigger victim than she actually is; her revenge is so ridiculously overboard that she comes off as sociopathic.
      • There are many revenge stories where the one seeking revenge tries to kill the one who made their misery, but their attitude and behavior actually felt broken, relatable, and sympathetic. In the case of Millianna's character, she's one of those characters who are like "I had a traumatic past because of someone's actions, and now I'm going to kill him/her just for the sake of it." kind of thing, when it just comes off as playing the victim already (even if you did go through a lot).
      • Kagura's reaction towards Simon's death was way more serious, better-written, and a lot more sympathetic compared to Millianna (not even counting the fact that Kagura and Simon are siblings). In fact, this is the kind of writing Millianna needed if the writers wanted to give her an understandable revenge subplot.
      • Considering the fact that this is the only part of Millianna's character arc in the story that has dramatic tension (after her past), it pretty much ruins her overall role in the series.
    4. During the climax of the Grand Magic Games Arc, when Millianna sees Jellal and Erza together, Millianna childishly and forcefully makes herself enraged, showing even more of her exaggerated pain. What makes it even more detestable is that Millianna doesn't express any reaction of concern as to why Erza bears no resentment towards Jellal and she doesn't try listening to her one bit when she tries explaining. Nope, Millianna straight up whines and lashes out at Erza and deliberately shoves her difficult past (including Simon's death) into her throat, looking like she's immediately treating her as though she doesn't care about what happened even when she does (but Millianna was being so ignorant). How does this make Millianna even good enough as a friend towards Erza?
    5. After Millianna's whining, Ultear appears and reveals she was the one who actually tortured her for many years (and the former even learns that Jellal was innocent the whole time), but for some reason, after learning the truth, Millianna just stands there doing absolutely nothing, and she does nothing else for the rest of the climax of the arc, and doesn't even say anything to Jellal or Erza.
    6. The most questionable thing about Millianna's character: After learning that Ultear was the one who framed Jellal, made many years of her life miserable, and actually killed Simon, why didn't Millianna start resenting Ultear or try seeking revenge on her? It makes absolutely no sense and it just further adds to how Millianna doesn't actually feel as broken as she actually is.
    7. During the celebration after the final battle of the Grand Magic Games Arc, Millianna has a scene and do you know what it shows? It shows her sulking like a brat (Literally, that's her reaction after learning the truth about her difficult past). She doesn't even seem to acknowledge that her plan was wrong and rather selfish to say at least. In fact, she looks more like she's irritated that her plan didn't succeed and that Jellal is not the villain in her situation.
      • What makes it even worse is that when Erza tries cheering her up by showing her kittens (which are Happy, Carla, and Pantherlily), Millianna just immediately focuses on her love for kittens and literally disregards the situation regarding her sadistic plan, which pretty much makes her whole revenge subplot all for nothing, and it leaves Millianna with absolutely no character development.
        • This also means that Millianna still has the tendency of behaving this way outside of her peppy demeanor, which is unpleasant, and it makes her less sympathetic than she needs to be.
      • The worst part is that she doesn't end up apologizing to Jellal for her behavior, which pretty much ruins her character more. For many years, Jellal only wanted to help Millianna from slavery, only for Ultear pretty much causing a misunderstanding between them. That plot point is not something that should be treated as nothing major.
        • It may be a lot to take in, but Millianna not apologizing to Jellal for being overly cold is a huge mistake.
    8. In fact, when you think about it, Millianna's attempted cruel action doesn't make her worthy of being in Mermaid Heel, because her only reason to even join the guild is to kill Jellal out of pleasure and sadism, which is essentially murder (and she even purposely tries using her past trauma and Simon's death as reasons to justify her actions). In that sense, it means that Millianna is carelessly ruining the name of Mermaid Heel because of her selfishness, including the way she victimizes herself way too much.
    9. She also gets no comeuppance for what she attempted to do in the Grand Magic Games Arc and none of the other members in Mermaid Heel learn about what she tried to do, making Millianna a Karma Houdini.
    10. After the Grand Magic Games Arc, Millianna has virtually no characterization other than just saying random peppy stuff in her few seconds of screen time (including her love for kittens), which pretty much renders her an almost pointless character when she really shouldn't be.
      • Even if Millianna is intended to be a minor character in the series, the creators shouldn't have wasted her like this (including her attempted psychopathic action in the Grand Magic Games Arc), especially considering the fact that she's Erza's childhood friend who has an interesting backstory (and that she was given more of role than most of the other slaves in the Tower of Heaven Arc). They could have at least given her a little more to flesh out her character better, including more scenes where she just interacts with other characters, including Erza.
        • In fact, that's another thing, Erza and Millianna's friendship was also almost put to waste as they barely get any conversations with one another after their reunion, undermining their backstory.
      • Millianna is barely even a comic relief, as she is only given a few scenes after the Grand Magic Games Arc and each time is literally only a few seconds.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Her looks before the Grand Magic Games Arc and in the Alvarez Empire arc are a bit better and the outfits aren't as ridiculous.
      • In the Tower of Heaven Arc, her attire does look pretty nice and vibrant.
      • Her outfit in the Alvarez Empire Arc is still revealing but it looks more normal than what she wore before (starting from the Grand Magic Games Arc).
      • The gown she wore during the celebration after the final battle of the Grand Magic Games Arc is pretty.
      • Millianna did look kind of cute as a kid.
    2. Yukiyo Fuji and Alexis Tipton voiced her just fine.
    3. She does still care about Erza and her other friends.
      • She did help in stopping Acnologia in the final battle of the Alvarez Empire Arc when everyone was helping with the spell Fairy Sphere, which is probably her best action in the series. It still doesn't completely save her character (as she still lacks proper character development), but at least it's something.



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