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    Miles "Tails" Prower (Sonic Lost World)

    Miles "Tails" Prower (Sonic's Lost World)
    Sonic: "Tails, we need Eggman to shut down his machine!"
    Tails: "And you don't trust me to do it!"
    Sonic: "What?! No! I trust you, Tails, it's just that-"
    Tails: "No you don't! You trust Eggman more. Do you know how much that bites?"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Stuck-up, Two-tailed Brat
    Age: 8
    Species: Fox
    Portrayed by: Kate Higgins (English)
    Ryō Hirohashi (Japanese)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Sonic Lost World
    First appearance: Sonic the Hedgehog 2

    Miles "Tails" Prower (usually referred to as just "Tails") is the deuteragonist of the Sonic series, and is regarded as one of the best characters in the franchise.

    While he is a gentle, sweet-natured, and intelligent soul, unfortunately, he underwent a terrible flanderization in Sonic Lost World, mostly in the localization.

    Why He Bites In This Game

    Note: This will only apply how he was like in Sonic Lost World.

    1. He went from a self-conscious but self-sufficient fox who was always willing to give a hand to those in need into a jealous and bossy little jerk who keeps trying to prove himself as the smarter one between him and Dr. Eggman, ultimately contradicting his usually humble disposition.
    2. When he and Sonic team up with the doctor, he gets mad at Sonic and accuses him of trusting Eggman more than him, although this was the fourth time (or third if you consider that Sonic 06 was retconned) they teamed up at that point.
      • Not only that, but he also just speaks up about his dissatisfaction with the idea AFTER it's already in execution, making him quite stubborn too.
    3. Harkening back to WHB#1, he constantly points out Eggman's failures in trying to make him come across as stupid, like when he commented how "his creations were a reflection of his genius" about Orbot goofing off with Cubot while trying to find a new body for him.
    4. While on that note, he's also hypocritical: He carelessly uses a Crabmeat's carcass as a body for Cubot, which causes the robot to attack the trio. "It not the best idea to put the dimwit's head on a battle bot", Eggman said shortly after.
    5. No matter how much comeuppance he gets, he never learns anything and doesn't lower the bar at any turn (not even when he's captured and robotized by the Deadly Six), as he's still acting superior to Eggman in the end.
    6. He is very much useless most of the time with an example that he literally failed to stop Sonic from provoking the Deadly Six to simply betray Eggman and become genocidal maniacs. Yes, Sonic did made a mistake doing it, but its not entirely his own fault when Tails could've just been more specific and actually tried to stop him but he didn't as he just stand there doing absolutely nothing.
    7. Despite getting what he deserves occasionally, he can get away with it at times, most notably in the beginning of the 17th cutscene and in the final moments making him a Karma Houdini
    8. Much like in the other Sonic games in the 2010s, he barely has any relevance in the plot (if at all).
    9. He killed Martin Brest's career, because he hasn't directed nor wrote a single film since then and botched the studio O Entertainment/Omation, which has remained dormant.
    10. Overall, he is an antithesis of his original self.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Tails was much more likable in the games prior to Sonic Lost World (as well as in the subsequent Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric) and managed to redeem himself in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. He was also more tolerable in the first cutscenes of the game.
      • Despite all of his flaws, he's better written than he would be in Lost World's successor, Sonic Forces.
    2. After his mistake mentioned in WHBITG#4, he realizes his mistake and thanks Eggman for saving him.
    3. As mentioned in WHBITG#6, he does get some karma for the things he does, like being scolded and told off by Sonic and captured by the Deadly Six to be robotized (even though the latter is dismissed quickly as it had never happened).
    4. His appearance is still cute.
    5. Although he is quite unfriendly to Sonic, he still cares for him, as seen when he jumps in his way to avoid being captured in the fake animal capsule (and trying to warn Sonic of the consequences despite Sonic acting impulsively without thinking twice of his actions before Eggman called him a "moronic hedgehog" for kicking something that Eggman needed to keep good control of the Zeti).
    6. Sometimes Tails does have some good enough reasons to act rude and snarky towards Sonic, given how impudent and arrogant Sonic acts throughout the game. One example includes him groaning at Sonic for kicking Eggman's Conch without thinking twice and Tails points how Sonic just had to go for it without thinking twice (him rolling his eyes at him was warranted since Sonic arrogantly says "What? It's what I do!").
    7. Ryō Hirohashi and Kate Higgins are still as great as ever voicing him.
    8. He's not as petty in the original Japanese version, where his motivation against teaming up with Eggman is not just about the fact that Tails accuses Sonic of trusting his enemy more than his best friend, but also because he feels that they wouldn't get along at all.




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