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    Miki Kawai
    "Why would you say that...?"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Covert Narcissist
    Age: 20 (as of Chapter 62 in the Manga and Movie Epilogue)
    17-18 (Most of the Manga and Movie)

    11-12 (Prologue)

    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Megumi Han (JP)

    Amber Lee Connors (Older) (ENG) Annabelle Corigliano (Young) (ENG)

    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: A Silent Voice/A Shape of Voice/Koe no Katachi
    First appearance: Chapter 01: Shōya Ishida
    Last appearance: Chapter 62: A Silent Voice

    Miki Kawai (川井 みき, Kawai Miki) (presumably born somewhere in 1996), is one of the former classmates of Shōya Ishida in Suimon Elementary School and later into high school, as well as the former class representative of the former district. She is a supporting character of A Silent Voice series, created by Yoshitoki Ōima later adapted into a film in 2016 by Kyoto Animation. She is very notorious for being an extreme narcissistical manipulator, making her one of the five antagonists in the series and one of the two most unlikable characters in the entire franchise along with Naoka.

    人格 (Personality)

    On the surface level, Miki presents herself as a kind and responsible person, being a good role model to those around her. Being the representative of her senior class; she likes to have the role of being a leader, even during the casual outings she has with her friends. While she may seem to have a polite demeanor, she can act rather conceited, often judging others in a self-righteous manner. This is seen in the way she treats her peers, tending to act nicely towards them while holding negative feelings that she won't express until moments where she feels upset or threatened.

    Her own self-image and how her peers perceive her is her greatest insecurity, causing her to put emphasis on her looks and the effort she makes as a student. This appears to have influenced the way she behaves when Shōko Nishimiya was being bullied, remaining complicit while never directly getting involved.

    Because of this, Miki lacks proper self-awareness, not actually understanding the flaws in her behavior and the harm it can cause to herself and others. She often denies or ignores her own wrongdoings, though it's not out of malicious intent. Even when reflecting on the past and the events leading up to Shōya’s coma, Miki still sees herself as a victim, primarily choosing to forgive Shōya because she believes he regrets hurting both Shōko and her. Her crush on Satoshi Mashiba also influences her thoughts and opinions to align with his, despite the contradictions they have with her own actions.

    Despite her negative traits, Miki has the capacity for genuine kindness and sincerity, which she tries to embrace towards the end of the series. In particular, she treats her friends more supportively and compassionately than previously.

    Why She Isn't a Good Influence

    1. To pin the paper on the wall, she is a covert narcissist as stated in her infobox. This means that she has feelings of self-importance in her inner personality, while all the time, she grabs unnecessary attention to make her look good by using the innocent, "goody two-shoes" card.
    2. This is seen when people reprimand her for the bad actions she committed, which she backfires at them in denying full involvement of the deed, as this makes her a character who can't take criticism.
      • When Shōya gets her, along with his old friends and Naoka on the plate when he is reprimanded for his brutal bullying, she in return, abandons him like Naoka. This is confirmed when she pulls the card above and acts like a liar crybaby in front of the class and the teacher, stating to Shōya in asking him in tears and saying that she didn't hurt Shōko at all. This automatically fits her in the Unwilling Weed Reaper trope, since she attempted to avoid punishment.
      • She does this the second time when Shōya asks her if she told anyone about the old self in a nice, quiet tone. She responds loudly in an unjustifiable matter, in which she questions him if he sees her as a bad person, attempting to maintain a public uproar at school. Shōya tries to calm her down and explain to her what he means, but she is way too gullible to even get the truth into her head.
      • For the third time, she does this to both Shōya and Naoka of all characters on the bridge scene.
        • She further intoxicates him by making him look bad even more in front of his friends, including Shōko. This causes him to be extremely depressed due to her verbal abuse towards him.
        • When Naoka tries to make amends with Shōya, by stating her guilt along with Miki's. She (Miki) interrupts her and denies again that she didn't bully Shōko.
    3. As you probably know by now, she is also guilty of bullying Shōko. While it isn't direct, she is still deserving of punishment as bullying is always bullying, whether it is introverted or extroverted.
      • Similar to Naoka, she picked on Shōko because she wanted to look like the good person and hero, she claims to be but all the while, she promotes gossip and the bullying itself to everyone.
    4. It is also very important to note that she is an extreme manipulator (which is also stated in WSiNBaMN#1 and 2), as she does so many times, that it annoys the audience easily, let alone the characters.
      • She pretends to be a caring friend to Shōko, just to look good as stated in WSiNBaMN#3 and literally everything she does.
        • She felt "concerned" about Shōko when one of her ears bleeds in the prologue and hugs her when she finds out that she tried to commit suicide. It is very obvious what's happening here, not to mention that she is wasting everyone's time every time she's on screen.
    5. As stated in WSiNBaMN#1 & 2, she whines like an immature woman every time she is reprimanded for her actions, As stated already in WSiNBaMN#2, she cried to the teacher and the students that she didn't bully Shōko and blamed all the issues of bullying on Shōya, making him the ultimate scapegoat.
      • When Shōya asks her if she told anyone about the old self, she cries and attempts to make an unnecessary public uproar as stated in WSiNBaMN#2.2, due to her gullibility. She also tries to gain the attention of her "fiancee"; Satoshi Mashiba, by telling her in tears that Shōya did all the bullying in the past, to get Shōya in trouble when he is turning over a new leaf. This understandably depresses him as a result.
      • She whined in the bridge scene when reprimanded by Shōya and Naoka, as stated in WSiNBaMN#2.3. This causes him to finally snap and mouth her, along with Naoka and Miyoko about how horrible persons they are, and Miki responds by running away again.
    6. Speaking of Satoshi, she can also be classified as a stalker, as she wants to follow him around everywhere to give him the complaints she has in her life, even if it isn't true.
      • It is also stated by the manga that she wanted to be in the same class and college as him, which she got.
    7. She also comes off as a Mary Sue, as she doesn't make any other mistakes other than the ones above. Even if she did make other mistakes, she would still deny it.
    8. Moments of hypocrisy...
      • She says that she is a good person, but she is guilty of bullying that she doesn't admit, as stated several times.
      • She also states that she didn't bully Shōko as stated so many times, but what knows, she doesn't turn it in.
    9. No matter how many times she is reprimanded for her actions, she doesn't learn her lesson and continues her bad behavior and can count as a half-baked redemption.
    10. She thinks that she shouldn't get punished for her wrong choices as she considers herself a cute tomboy, who works harder than anyone else. This is delusional and feels understandably irritating to the viewers.
    11. Her manga counterpart looks pretty creepy and unsettling to the viewers, specifically her face, just like Naoka's face of teasing.

    はるかに優れた品質 (Much Better Qualities)

    1. Just like Naoka, her design is passable and admittingly cute. Though don't let that fool you!
    2. All of her actresses do good jobs portraying her.
    3. Shōya finally tell her off for being an awful person, how she disgusts him to the very bottom of his heart and not to say anything else.

    語源 (Etymology)

    • The name Miki is written in hiragana (みき), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (美紀), it could possibly mean "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "chronicle" (紀) (ki).
    • Miki's surname Kawai means "river, stream" (川) (kawa) and "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i).

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