Mikey Miller (Dhar Mann videos)

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Mikey Miller (Dhar Mann videos)
Mikey .png
So you see, being a troublemaking brat is pretty bad. But he took it to a whole 'nother level.
Gender: Male
Type: Idiotic Troublemaker Who Never Learns His Lesson
Age: 11 (Debut)
12 (Kid SNEAKS CANDY Into The Movies)
13 (Kid Gets SHOCKING Birthday Gift!)
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Kaido Lee Roberts
Status: Alive
Media of origin: 'Dhar Mann

Michael "Mikey" Miller is a fictional character and a recurring antagonist in the Dhar Mann video series. He is portrayed by Kaido Lee Roberts.

So You See, This Is Why He Needs to Learn His Lesson

  1. He is a selfish brat who constantly does bad and distasteful things to get what he wants. Here are some examples:
    • Cheating on or skipping a multitude of school exams ("Student CHEATS On FINAL EXAM, Instantly Regrets It & Student CHEATS On His EXAM, He Instantly Regrets It").
    • Faking an allergic reaction to avoid school activities ("Kid FAKES ALLERGIC REACTION, He Instantly Regrets It").
    • Making a fake sick note to get out of taking a test ("Kid FAKES SICK NOTE to Skip Class, He Instantly Regrets It").
    • Pretending to have Tourette's Syndrome so he gets more followers on TikTok ("Student With TOURETTE'S Made Fun Of, What Happens Is Shocking").
    • Pretending to be sick to avoid going to school ("Kid FAKES Being SICK To Skip Class, He Lives to Regret It").
    • Bullying a girl scout ("Girl Scout Gets REVENGE On BOY SCOUT, What Happens Is Shocking").
    • Encouraging and helping his friend Jay to fake having a broken arm to avoid taking a test ("KID FAKES Broken Arm To SKIP TEST").
    • Embarrassing his friend whilst skipping school ("Kid FAKES SICK NOTE to Skip Class, He Instantly Regrets It").
    • Recruiting Jayden on his stream to pretend he's doing all the work when he only does the commentary, and not even giving Jayden any of the money or credit ("STREAMER Is CAUGHT CHEATING, What Happens Is Shocking").
    • Pulling a fire alarm just to skip a test (KID PULLS Fire Alarm To SKIP TEST, He Lives To Regret It). Not helping was that later it was revealed the "test" was a Bingo game.
    • Sabotaging his mom's job interview to not change schools (KIDS RUIN Mom's JOB INTERVIEW, What Happens Will Shock You), albeit this is kind of understandable as to why he did it.
    • Cheating in an arcade contest with Jay. (KID STEALS Tickets At FUN CENTER)
    • Almost cheating on the final exam (Big Bro Has to Say YES for 48 HOURS) but retracting.
  2. Similar to Thomas from the Sharon Miller era of "Thomas & Friends" and Norman Price from modern "Fireman Sam" , when he supposedly learns his lesson at the end of the video, he forgets everything he's learned in the very next video.
  3. Continuing from the previous statement, his character development in "Kid SNEAKS CANDY Into The MOVIES" has been completely thrown out the window in the next video, as in that one he apparently finally understood what mom meant, yet in the next, he continues his distasteful journey.
  4. His relationship with Jayden's basically Horrid Henry's relationship with Perfect Peter but without any of the charm or "show, don't tell".
  5. He is stupid as he always thinks that he can get away with his actions, yet gets caught in the end every time:
    • In "Student CHEATS On FINAL EXAM, Instantly Regrets It", when he decides to cheat on his final exam, he finds a website called "Middle School Answers", with Mr. Wilson's math exam answers. However, this is very unrealistic and sketchy, so why would Mikey even trust the website? It is later revealed that Mr. Wilson himself made the website, but put it all the wrong, leading Mikey to fail the exam.
    • In "Kid FAKES SICK NOTE to Skip Class, He Instantly Regrets It", he apparently forgets his dad put an app that tracks his iPad, leading for him and his friend to be caught skipping school.
    • In "Student with TOURETTE'S Made Fun Of, What Happens Is Shocking", during his 1 millionth subscriber TikTok celebration, Tom, a kid with Tourette's Syndrome tells Mikey to fess up about him faking Tourette's. However, Mikey was still wearing his microphone, leading to everybody hearing the conversation and finding out.
    • In "Kid FAKES being SICK to Skip Class, What Happens Is Shocking.", he somehow falls for a Dhar Mann meet and greet that miraculously happened right after the test day.
  6. His motives are very bland and boring as most of the time he pulls his schemes to get out of doing things he doesn't like when his comeuppance could easily be avoided if he just did it in the first place. For example, as mentioned in WHINTLHL#1, he both cheats on and fakes being sick to get out of multiple tests, and he never even attempts to study for them.
  7. His best friend, Jay, is basically him but with a toned-down attitude, and often Mikey acts disrespectful to him. However, Jay did receive character development in "STREAMER CAUGHT CHEATING", but he reverts back to his original personality in "KID STEALS Tickets At FUN CENTER", and Mikey in "KID PULLS Fire Alarm to SKIP TEST".
  8. Inconsistent name and plot hole: Whilst it is more likely his last name is Miller since that's the first time his surname is heard, the episode about him faking Tourette's showed his TikTok as "Mikey Johnson".
  9. After he was introduced, he is now often the focus or side character of way too many videos, which only shows Dhar Mann jumping the shark. Along with that, many characters that are like him have appeared, such as Jay.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Like most of the other antagonists in the Dhar Mann video series, at least he gets his comeuppance for his antics.
  2. He can be an unintentionally funny character, like his reaction when he "gets a shot" in "Kid FAKES ALLERGIC REACTION, He Instantly Regrets It".
  3. He can be likable in some videos, such as "Man with TURBAN Kicked OFF SEAT, What Happens Is Shocking", the hospital scene in "Kid FAKES ALLERGIC REACTION, He Instantly Regrets It", "Kid SNEAKS CANDY Into The MOVIES", "Kid Gets SHOCKING Birthday Gift!", "Streamer PRANKED On LIVE STREAM", and "Big Bro Has to Say YES for 48 HOURS, What Happens Is Shocking".
  4. He finally studied for once in "Big Bro Has to Say YES for 48 HOURS" and actually ended up graduating middle school and moving on up to high school.
  5. He is probably an intentionally bad character. Plus, his mom does not help with the situations in a good fashion, which may be why he never learns his lesson.
  6. His actor, Kaido Lee Roberts, is decent, as he is more expressive and not stale, unlike most Dhar Mann actors.


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