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    Mickey (SuperSonicJoseph)

    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Swearing and more

    Mickey Mouse (SuperSonicJoseph)
    "Take this you MOUSE RACIST!” *launches Sonic violently*
    Gender: Male
    Type: Unlikable Jagoff
    Species: Rat
    Portrayed by: Joseph DiAngelo Sanford (2015-2022)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The SuperSonicLogan Series Show (2016-2017),
    SSJ Series (The 2016-19 Era)

    Micken "Mickey" Jeral Mouse, better known as Mickey Mouse is a character of The SuperSonicLogan Series Show (2016-2017) and the SuperSonicJoseph series from the web channel SuperSonicJoseph (currently named Joseph Sanford).

    He is known for his possessive and devoted obsession with doing anything for Disney, no matter how impractical or absurd his ideas come out as far-fetched or even implausible. He is one of Sonic's best friends and a member of Team Sonic & Friends. He is proudly entitled, self-absorbed, noisy, loud-mouthed, somewhat lazy, selfish, greedy, unmannerly, and potentially troublemaking in several instances of his unruly behavior and he keeps a hoard of Disney merchandise he treats as his personal valuables/collectibles in a cabinet he used to live in. He tends to annoy his friends because of how much of a obnoxious loudmouth he is.

    He is voiced by Joseph DiAngelo Sanford.

    Why He's Intentionally Not A Hot Dog

    1. He started off as a well-meaning yet bland, unremarkable and a nagging rat friend of Sonic. He went from being well-meaning in The SSL Series Show, and in the SuperSonicJoseph series; Mickey becomes more of a annoying asshole Hate Sink version of Mickey Mouse, and he remains that way, a character for everyone to hate and not much else about him as a person.
    2. He is often defensive when it comes to his obsession with Disney (even more so than Sonic T. Junior's childlike adoration for Sonic Mania). The point where he is madly delusional, opinionated, verbally/physically aggressive, and absolutely dogmatic about those who find his self-indulgence offensive, too repetitive, or just plain strange.
      • Aside from his obsession with Disney, Mickey can also be very gullible and fall for anyone's lies that make him look completely foolish. A good example of this is how easily he is fooled by Sonic regarding Disney, demonstrating his foolish loyalty.
    3. His voice is very loud, hoarse, and grating. It's as if Mickey Mouse himself got a sore throat. The voice sounds like a combination of Toad from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, along with Scratch from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (a character that has the type of voice viewers can find irritating), and combined them all to create Mickey's voice.
      • In the video below, one fan said that just listening to him and seeing him everywhere gave him a headache. Mickey's screaming and blathering in the video "SSJ Plush Adventure: The Mess!" that was shown as the primary reason why (aside from a video called "SSJ Plush Short: Mickey!"). He did this to demonstrate how infuriating Mickey was.
        • This is also mentioned by the same person in this video using his own version of SML Joseph to explain why he finds Mickey annoying and not the best character in the SSJ series.
    4. Mickey does only one thing: act like an oblivious and brainless schlemiel, wandering around and sometimes making noises like a hyperactive man-child in an obnoxious way to get into trouble for irritating other characters in an obnoxious manner, and getting into trouble for irritating other characters in general by acting like a unruly mischievous 6 year old, just being the imbecile he is.
    5. He has shown to be quite lazy on several occasions, where he'd do nothing useful or helpful most of the time. The best example being "SSJ Plush Adventure: Stuck'ed!", as Mario and Scoobo offered to help Sonic, and Mickey chose to chillax on the chair and do nothing, a scene that enforces his lack of compassion.
    6. In addition to being unlikeable and dumb, he has little to no repercussions for his self-centered and reckless behavior. He is also prone to making a lot of blunders out of his ignorance, and he has some intention to annoy others and gain attention from others in doing obnoxious behavior. Examples of these include videos like;
      • In the video "SSJ Plush Short: Strange Mistakes?", he hastily labeled Sonic as a 'mouse racist' when Mickey himself was yelling at him first and started to beating up Sonic ceaselessly with a giant empty water bottle that is twice his size for no reason at all (much to the point that he even launches Sonic by swinging the bottle at him after tossing him in the air to plummet to the ground off-screen),
      • In the video "SSJ Plush Adventure: An Secret Coincidence!", he acts like a fussy nagger in front of Sonic and Robotnik for the fact Mickey found out that Sonic was just chillaxing next to Robotnik in the latter's secret hideout (essentially the two of them bonding with each other in a way), and Mickey gets so impulsive and petty about such a unimportant concern, he decides to confirm this with no second thought and hesitation to Scoobo about the news in Mickey's immature attempt at controversy, which made Scoobo share this news with The Animal Kingdom; deeply upsetting Sonic and Robotnik, the latter the most that The Animal Kingdom finds out his secret area, making a news report over it and everyone partying there as seen on TV. This leads to Mickey getting beat up by Sonic and Robotnik for Mickey's idiocy.
      • In the video "SSJ Plush Adventure: Mickeys Broken Arm!", Sonic and Mario helped heal Mickey's arm for 10 weeks while Mickey passed out somehow. During Mario's explanation of what happened when Mickey was irrational and wanting answers, Mickey keeps interrupting him by constantly yelling at him, making noise, making obnoxious noises with his 'singing', and spouting endless pointless nonsense. He stupidly says that he can’t be quiet even after Mario told him to shut up more than twice, much to the point that even you as the viewer, want him to shut up as well.
        • Even when Mickey is given his comeuppance in that same video for making ear-piercing noises, he continues to repeat those sounds in an extremely childish and idiotic way. Learning absolutely nothing from his mistakes.
      • In the video "SSJ Plush Short: The Power of Awesomeness!", Mickey called Mario a moron and said Mario's attempt to surf the handrail was "pathetic" since all Mickey did was to 'impress' Disney itself like a self-deluded loser. Even though Mario offered sympathy for Mickey's failures, Mickey rejected Mario's gesture and called him a "retard". Isn't Mickey so likable?
      • In the video "SSJ Plush Adventure: NO Annoying Mice Allowed!", Mickey once told the viewers to go "f*** themselves" when Scoobo argued that Mickey was unbearable for the senseless arguments he made while being childish and irritable.
      • In the video "SSJ Plush Adventure: Napped!", while Mickey seems to be rambling incoherently when he chills out before being violently struck by Sonic Junior, he says that he is fully aware of being an annoying person and doesn't care if anyone hates him (even you the viewer). It doesn't help that in the episode "SSJ Plush Short: Who Gets Half?!", he outright exclaims to himself about how he expresses genuine hatred towards any his haters and wishing for them to "die". This goes to show how unsympathetic, ruthless and careless he truly is as a person.
      • In the episode "SSJ Plush Short: Scoobo Thrilling Day!", he had the nerve to call Scoobo "annoying" as a way to provoke him when Scoobo was just minding his own business, Mickey still didn't have a good reason for being rude towards Scoobo. While Mickey did get his comeuppance for making that remark by Scoobo throwing him into Eggman's lair as Mickey's noisy overreactions got him strangled and thrown into the ground by Eggman, it's still pretty rude for him to say that about Scoobo. Considering how powerful and magical Scoobo is (as well as being the protector of The Animal Kingdom where Mickey lives also), this makes Mickey out to be "too stupid to live".
    7. He slowly becomes more of an bumbling idiot than before. Often being the very reason for causing chaos out of his impulsivity and is the source of sheer stupidity that just frustrates other characters like Sonic himself (including the viewer). And much to the point that many characters including Scoobo, Junior, Robotnik, and literally everyone berate and try humiliating Mickey because of his senseless egotism.
      • There were moments where Mickey acted like a complete moron, which includes the video "SSJ Plush Adventure: Sonic Junior's Stupid Day!", where he was rambling after senselessly launching himself toward the tv box by jumping into it with a shoe and making it turn off, predictably it frustrates Junior who was enjoying himself while playing a video game.
      • There were also moments of Mickey acting like an idiotic brat. A good example of this is the video "Back to California!! Part 1", in which he was utterly responsible for starting the conflict that happened by using an odd-looking phone that Robotnik himself would later say nobody should touch or use ever and was left on the floor by the latter's mistake. Mickey did this just for wanting to get "Disney styled Pizza", which doesn't make any sense since Disney clearly doesn't deliver food to anyone's houses that are outside of Disneyland/Disneyworld.
    8. In addition to being moronic, the way he's written and portrayed is all over the place, a la Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants. Where he was meant to be a hedonistic yet reliable member of Team Sonic like Sonic T. Junior (a kid who is shown to be loyal to his friends), but nowadays, most of the time, Mickey has had his moments of becoming completely malicious and an utter troublemaker towards his friends since he always bothers them in annoying ways and sometimes has malicious intent to commit even more crimes than Eggman does. To the point that it makes him out to be a random, dimwitted antagonist/villain than anything else.
      • A video focused on him called "SSJ Plush Short: Mickey!", has shown how he started some destructive and violent behavior towards everyone, even to those who don't deserve it like his friends Junior (a kid we mind you) and even Scoobo just for kicks, and worse yet, Mickey never gets any comeuppance for his reckless behavior. Which is just underwhelming.
      • Another video called "SSJ Plush Adventure: Sonic's Irritating Saturday!", also starts with him flipping over Sonic's chair, bugging him and taking his spot for no reason, which caused Sonic to throw him off the chair as he should.
      • In the video "SSJ Plush Adventure: From Moroncy To Robust!", he acts more like a pathetic villain that forces the pig Bill Grucks to be Mickey's literal guinea pig for making a cannonball test out of the motivation to earn money and fame rather than ambition (which is Eggman's job to do something like this, not Mickey!). Where it all rightfully (and literally) blow up in Mickey's face when Bill happily gets back at him, all thanks to Mario (as Sith Cynical) rightfully throwing a wrench in Mickey's extremely harebrained get-rich-quick schemes, which makes him somewhat miscast as a villain.
    9. Hypocrisy: In that same video, he labels Mario (as Sith Cynical) as an incompetent moron, even when Mickey himself is rather ineffective with almost everything, nor is he the smartest character around.
      • In the aforementioned video "SSJ Plush Short: The Power of Awesomeness!", Mickey called Mario a "moron" and claims that Mario's attempt to try surfing the handrail was "pathetic" as a completely hypocritical move when he too screwed up (even worse than Mario did because of Mickey's sheer indifference and laziness). He also called Mario an "idiot" when Mario landed on his privates by mistake, where Mickey has no right to even call Mario that.
        • In the same video, he delusionally claims that the whole thing was so "pathetic" he could've won when he wasn't even trying nor made any effort whatsoever. Which led to him being comedically hit on the head.
      • In the video "SSJ Plush Adventure: Sonic Junior's Stupid Day!", he was pestering Junior in an immature way by guilting Junior that Mickey telling him that he was "wanting to help", where he just makes himself look stupid and weasels his way out of doing what he just said. Even for a self-deluded idiot, this makes him pretty shallow.
    10. Just like Leonard (Total Drama), he is pointless for a member of Team Sonic, especially where he can sometimes hinder them more often than not.
      • He does nothing but serve as a nuisance for everyone to find annoying because of his delusions & egomania, or someone to belittle and humiliate deliberately in cartoonish ways because of his overly flamboyant pride and impulsiveness.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Throughout his appearances, especially in 2017-19, whether if he can be considered obnoxious or tolerable from personal perspective; he was always presented to be a character that other characters in the series that was meant to be hated and humiliated for his overly loud personality. Counting him as a "Hate Sink" (and "The Scrappy" of the show due to his not so well received reception).
    2. He (along with Bowser) has moments of receiving what he truly deserves for his annoyance. Which can come off as either funny or satisfying. "SSJ Plush Adventure: Plan E-Vision!" is a video that is dedicated to having many cartoonish scenes of him suffering a lot by serving as the butt of almost all of the slapstick humor, mainly because of him being both; a silly goof and a buffoon.
      • Him being whacked by Sonic T. Junior in "SSJ Plush Adventure: Confusion", was warranted.
      • His punching bag status in future videos with Mickey serving as the victim of slapstick abuse, in videos like "SSJ Plush Adventure: Moroncy to Robust!" for example, is often warranted and it tones down the annoyance he has made because of his frustrating behavior from past videos. And it makes him now less of a Karma Houdini/Idiot Houdini than before.
    3. Before his characterization in 2017-18 videos, personality-wise he was more of a friend to Sonic & friends and less antagonistic, where he is meant to be a genuinely nice character despite his shortcomings and acts of unintentional stupidity. Even right before his late 2017 characterization, he was a rather generic but harmless side character.
    4. While he is usually annoying, some moments of his idiocy or ridiculousness can be viewed as amusing/hilarious to some viewers. Some examples of this include the video "A Secret Coincidence!" or "SSJ Plush Adventure: WOW?" for example. A comedic example of this was the episode "SSJ Plush Short: Back to California!! Part 1"; when he was whining over "Disney-styled Pizza", which can come off as ludicrous or just goofy in a good way.
      • Likewise, he has had moments of not being annoying toward other characters in 2019.
    5. While incredibly lazy and useless most of the time, his clumsy mistakes and blunders can make some side effects that are sometimes helpful and/or useful in an unintentional way towards other characters as seen in "Plan E-Vision!" and "Back to California! Part 1". Which all resolves from Mickey being a bungler.


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