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    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Several mentionings of rape, torture, animal abuse, and murder.

    Mick Taylor
    "This little procedure, is called "making a head on a stick", because, once your spine's severed right, that's all ya are ey? Head on a stick"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Serial killer
    Age: 60s
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: John Jarratt
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Wolf Creek

    Mick Taylor is the central character of the Wolf Creek franchise, being the main antagonist of the films and TV series, as well as the main protagonist of the prequel novels. He is a deranged serial killer, rapist, and torturer.

    Why He's Intentionally a Bad Aussie

    1. He has been raping, torturing, and murdering people for over 50 years.
    2. One of his favourite torture methods is the "head on a stick" method, where he severs his victim's spine, leaving them unable to move and causing them great pain.
    3. He has murdered at least three children throughout his life; a little girl, Eve's young brother, and an unknown boy.
    4. He is extremely sadistic and loves to drag out his victim's torture. In the second film, he had apparently been torturing a woman for months.
    5. He is highly prejudiced against non-Australians.
    6. He is a hypocrite, as despite his hatred of foreigners, he has no issues with killing his fellow Australians.
    7. He has no respect for the law, as he has killed several police.
    8. He is known to have killed animals as well as humans. His official prequel novels reveal that he once killed a dog and forced its owner to eat part of it. The second film also has him mowing down a bunch of kangaroos with a truck he stole.
    9. As detailed in the prequel novels, he tied up his girlfriend Rose and used her as bait to lure in a paedophilic serial killer named Jerry, who Mick gutted before forcing him to eat his own intestines, although Jerry deserved it for his crimes.
    10. He raped civilian women during the Vietnam War, which makes him a war criminal.
    11. The second prequel novel reveals that he skinned two of his victims and wore their skin. It's also revealed that he went to a bar and killed all six occupants.
    12. In the first film, he is revealed to have fed someone to a Rottweiler. It is also revealed that he crucified his victim before feeding them to the dog. He was planning to do this with Ben as well. He is also shown to utilise Rottweilers in the second film and the second season of the TV series. He also shows no care for any of the dogs at all.
    13. The second film shows him cutting up a body, which may mean that he is a cannibal (though it's also possible he was just attempting to dispose of it, and he may have been planning to feed it to his current Rottweiler).
    14. In the second film, he tortures Paul and implies that he plans to rape him.
    15. He is a violent misogynist, evidenced by his more brutal treatment of women.
    16. He is racist and implicitly prejudiced against the LGBT community too, judging by some slurs he used to refer to a tour group that included a gay couple and people of different races. The last bit is hypocritical given he was willing to rape Paul, a man.
    17. In the second season of the TV series, he murders Tommy, a man who had been his friend for decades, just to eliminate a potential witness.
    18. He made Eve stab and kill her boyfriend, Sullivan.
    19. He is quite petty. At one point in the first season of the TV series, a man part of a group makes Mick mad while. Mick, outnumbered, realises that he can't kill all the people just to get to him, so, unable to get revenge on the man by killing him, he settles for totaling the man's car while he and the rest of the group are passed out. This shows that Mick is so petty that he will make the most of whatever limited amount of revenge he can get in these situations.
    20. In the second season, he targets a tour group all because the guide said that Mick wouldn't made a good guide due to the slurs he used.
    21. He manages to escape in all his instalments thus far, and remains a Karma Houdini.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. John Jarratt does an amazing job playing him. It helps that he improvised Mick's trademark laugh and likely some of his other aspects.
    2. He has become well known in Australian horror, and is considered the proto Australian horror icon.
    3. The prequel novels (and the first season of the TV series) provide backstory on him, giving him a genuinely tragic background to him that does a good job explaining why he's so screwed up; his father beat him, his mother was implied to have molested him, he was traumatised after accidentally killing his sister, and he was beaten and bullied at camp.
    4. He genuinely loved his mother and sister and feels remorse for killing them.


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