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{{CharacterInfobox |Picture = Akemi_Hinazuki.png |Quote = One of the worse mothers in anime. |Gender = Female |Age= 30-40s |Species = human |Type = Abusive parent |Series = Erased]]

Akemi Hinazuki is the secondary antagonist in the manga and anime series ERASED. She is the abusive mother of Kayo and keeps her from having any social contact, which leads to Kayo being both kidnapped and killed, She is also the grandmother of Mirai Sugita.

She was voiced Akemi Okamura and Carrie Keranen in the dub, she is played by Tamae Andō in the live action and Noriko Eguchi in the drama.

Why she sucks

  • She abuses her daughter.
  • She has no remorse from the abuse.
  • She is a crybaby.
  • She neglects Kayo, leaving her to die
  • Regardless of many times she abused her, she is obsessed with her.

Redeeming Quality

  • Her design is well made
  • She got sent to justice
    • it's implied in her time in her arrest she might when she can get the help she needs and possibly change.
  • Thankfully in the Netflix series the abuse is cut.
  • Her backstory was well made.
  • Somewhere deep down in her heart she still cares about Kayo and cares about her mother.


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