Michael Burnham (Star Trek)

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Michael Burnham
She shouldn't have been Spock's adopted "sister".
Gender: Female
Type: Obnoxious Mary Sue
Age: 30 (Season 1), 31 (Currently)
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Sonequa Martin-Green
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Star Trek

Michael Burnham is the protagonist of Star Trek: Discovery and the adopted sister of Spock.

Why she should not be the Starfleet Captian?

  1. She's another example of a female character having a male name.
  2. She's the only POV character in the show. The creators probably thought they were being original by having the show not focus on the ship's captain. The problem with that is that previous shows did focus on characters other than the captain. Here's its all about Michael Burnham.
  3. Her existence creates plot holes like why didn't Spock ever mention her? He didn't mention Sybok because he was a black sheep.
  4. Sonequa Martin-Green's bad acting, which consists of often whispering and sounding garbled when delivering her lines, even when it is not necessary.
  5. She's a Mary Sue, consistently portrayed as better than everyone else. Its as bad as Rey, possibly worse.
  6. She staged a mutiny and started a war with the Klingons.
  7. She's arrogant, unlikable and unsympathetic. She's more insufferable than Wesley Crusher, given that he was at least self aware and humble with his problems being due to nativity and eagerness to please.
  8. Unlike Wesley, she is never taken to task with anything she does anything wrong.
  9. Everyone decides to just abandon their own lives to follow Michael into the future because they just love her that much.


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