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    Memetchi (Tamagotchi TV series, season 1B-present)

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    Memetchi (Tamagotchi TV Series: Season 1B-present)
    "I'm sorry guys, I have been flanderized because of the writers! *crying*"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Bossy Alien & Control Freak

    The Dark Side of Memetchi

    Age: 11-14
    Species: Alien
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Tamagotchi

    Memetchi (めめっち Memetchi) is a female adult Tamagotchi character. She made her debut on the Tamagotchi Connection. Since then, Memetchi became a mascot character along with Mametchi and Kuchipatchi and has appeared on many Tamagotchi virtual pets. Her care status is often different per release, such as good care in one and severe neglect in another, but her care is average in most releases.

    Unfortunately, she was flanderized during the second half of the first season and onwards.

    Bad Qualities

    1. She has been flanderized terribly in this series, going from a kind & sweet young girl, to a bossy, selfish mean girl stereotype depending on the episodes.
    2. She cries a lot in this series and is a spoiled and manipulative brat here, so much that she even gives Caillou a run for his money.
    3. She has been unlikable in a few episodes.
      • The Power of Gossip is arguably the worst one where she is unlikable. For example, she acts very bossy and manipulative to her friends and manipulates all of the people in Tama-Town that Safetytchi's hair is not real hair and actually food, she also yells way too much in this episode. Not to mention this episode makes her a major Karma Houdini.
      • While it was unseen, In Surprise! Tama-April-Fool's Day, she manipulates her friends into thinking she was moving, but she did it because it was April Fools Day.
      • In No Boys Allowed! The Princess Day Party, she is one of the girls who doesn’t allow the boys in the girls-only party.
      • In Cheery Cherry Blossoms, she is seen calling Makiko a "filthy liar".
      • In "Ding Dong! You Have a Visitor", there is an infamous scene where she gets into an argument with Makiko. Yes, her fighting with Makiko has been a running gag in the series, but it has gone way too far to the point where poor Mametchi becomes nervous.
    4. She has a tendency to get into fights with not only Makiko, but her best friends Mametchi & Kuchipatchi.
    5. Speaking of fights, she also often gets into fights with her little sister, Imotchi, this infamous scene is one example.
    6. She can’t take criticism, an example is when Uwasatchi rumored about her hair.
    7. Like what WSSBATF #3, she is a Karma Houdini, as she gets no punishments for being an asshole to her friends and family, getting into arguments, and lying.
    8. While she did improve in later episodes, her rudeness and selfishness is still shown at times.
    9. She is completely oblivious to other people's feelings, for example, she does not care about other people in The Power of Gossip.
    10. Her crying sounds very stoic and inexpressive.
    11. Her voice (depending on your view) can sound annoying.
    12. Although she does show care for other people every now and then, it is somewhat rare now.
    13. She has overall, suffered from the absolute worst flanderization of the three main characters.

    Good Qualities

    1. She is more likable in the first half of season 1 and in other versions.
    2. She improved quite a bit in the later seasons.
    3. She can still be nice and friendly, but still.
    4. In her imagination in Surprise! Tama-April-Fool's Day has her friends calling her a big fat liar, in which she deserves it.
    5. She at least redeemed in the episodes she is unlikable in, such as the most infamous one, "The Power of Gossip".


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