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    Melvin Sneedly (Captain Underpants)

    Melvin Sneedly
    "You guys are so immature!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Egoistic Young Scientist
    Misanthropic Little Snitch
    Age: 11
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Jordan Peele (movie)
    Jorge Diaz (TV series)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Captain Underpants
    First appearance: Captain Underpants

    Melvin Sneedly is a character and one of the main antagonists from the Captain Underpants franchise. He is one of the only kids in the series that has no humor. In the film adaptation, he is voiced by Jordan Peele (known for Key and Peele, Wendell and Wild, Us, MadTV, Get Out, Nope, Big Mouth and Toy Story 4), while in The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants, he is voiced by Jorge Diaz (Elena of Avalor and Law and Order).

    Intentional Immature Qualities

    Note: These pointers apply to all of Melvin's incarnations.

    1. The main problem with him is that he is a spoiled young scientist kid who dislikes George and Harold for pulling pranks at school. He can be also seen as a terribly written version of the more likable nerdy fictional characters you can see anywhere.
    2. He always (and annoyingly) snitches on any classmate for any reason.
    3. He hates having fun, unlike the other kids.
      • In fact, he even tried to cancel Halloween and later made it illegal.
    4. He is no better in the sixth book where he goes as far as to verbally treat Sulu, his test subject hamster very poorly, while trying to create a machine to fuse with a robot so that he can have strength, but however, he later ended turning himself into a robotic booger creature dubbed "The Bionic Booger Boy" when he was sneezing.
    5. He was at his absolute worst in the seventh book, as when he got Captain Underpants' powers, he starts to use it for selfish purposes, and it even almost got George, Harold, and Mr. Krupp/Captain Underpants killed.
    6. He is shown to be hypocritical when he says to the kids "You guys are so immature!" (his catchphrase) despite the fact that he can be immature at times.
      • Speaking of his catchphrase, it is very annoying.
    7. He is also shown to break promises when George and Harold made the Invention Convention cancelled, he tattled on them to Mr. Krupp.
    8. He's shown to be a big-time narcissist and at least no friends.
    9. He once went as far as to destroy George and Harold's treehouse. That is not only a heartless thing to do to innocent people, but it is bad for the environment and is also a waste of money and shelter.
    10. He is also a hypocrite as he berated and sells out George and Harold constantly for breaking school rules yet Melvin has also broken school rules such as abusing his pet hamster in class.
    11. He is very selfish and spoiled as after he was defeated and had his superpowers taken from him by George and Harold after the whole booger boy fiasco, Melvin throws a bratty temper tantrum.

    Intentional Mature Good Qualities

    1. He does have common sense (e.g. deciding on survival or extra cvthis is justified, however)redit).
    2. He receives comeuppance for his sinful deeds, a good example being chased by the angry mob when Mr. Krupp was in his body in the seventh book, and getting spanked by Sulu in the sixth book.
    3. Melvin chose to save George and Harold in the season 2 finale of the TV series since he didn't want to become a monster like his future self.
    4. His hatred of Halloween is very understandable because he was not invited, so he helped out and apologized in the end.
    5. In all fairness, he's certainly supposed to be disliked since he is an obnoxious snitch and big-time narcissist (most of the time, anyway).
    6. Like the other Dav Pilkey characters, he has a memorable design.
    7. Jordan Peele and Jorge Diaz both did it right when voicing him.
    8. 🎵🎵 Check it out, yo, I'm Melvinator S, Y'all goofing with checkers, While I'm playing chess, This is so simple, I do it in my sleep,Then all you jokers be left in a heap! Everyone sees I'm the best around, Not playing small, I'm the world renown, Look at my name; it's a proper noun, Space showdown-down-down-down! 🎵🎵
    9. Because of him being a large Gary Stu, Melvin Sneedly is clearly made to be hated.


    • Melvin was based on an smart but annoying classmate Dav met in sixth grade (nicknamed Michael Sneedman to protect his identity).
    • There's even a meme depicting him saying, "I R NOT DOO DOO!" as he sees a sign that says, "U R DOO DOO." on it.


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