Melony (SMG4, post-Genesis Arc)

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"Flanderisation, I'll never forgive you" -Melony in Revelations
Gender: Female
Type: Meggy Knock-Off
Flanderized Waifu
Age: 2 (Technically)
17-20 years old (biologically)
Species: Melon (formerly)
Portrayed by: Wolfychu
Status: Alive
Media of origin: SMG4

Melony is a major character from SMG4. She is a lazy yet powerful member of SMG4's Gang and the best friend as well as love interest of the late Axol. Originally a watermelon, Melony was inanimate and was therefore carried (and influenced) by other characters. She was transformed into a human by the Fierce Deity Mask, affecting her appearance and voice in subsequent episodes, as well as granting Melony deity powers. Unfortunately, while Melony used to be likable back in the days, she was horribly flanderised after the Genesis arc when Axol was possessed by Niles.

Bad Qualities

  1. To start off with the obvious, she became a complete carbon copy of Meggy for obvious reasons.
    • Both of them lost a character that they loved. (Axol for Melony and Desti for Meggy)
    • They both have to fight like some kind of illusion that is summoning up their depression, Meggy's being Shadow Meggy while Melony is Niles though Niles was confirmed to enter Melony's mind after Melony killed Axol.
  2. Fierce Deity, her new form has been way too overpowered and OP'd. Depending on your view, she could be considered The Scrappy of SMG4.
  3. Just like modern Bowser Junior from SML, her attacking her friends for eating fruits in "Mario has a BBQ but he's not invited", it just feels like one of the most poorly done attacks ever and the fight just feels a bit forced. Even then, her Deity fight was done way better than her fight in this vid.
  4. Her fear over the number "0" is also pretty awkward and unfunny as well.
  5. She even proven to jump into conclusions before even doing the move. In War of the Fat Italians 2021, she murdered Axol just to save everyone from Niles but then a couple months later in Revelations, when she was fighting the SMG0 and Niles fusion, SMG0 was LITERALLY in the same place that Axol was trapped in but he managed to successfully got out of there.
  6. There would be notable times where she tried so hard to look cute but at the end of the day kinda awkward, like how she made Mario rename the "Watermelon Eating Contest" to the "Watermelon Hugging Contest" in "The Meme Games 2022".
  7. Coming from the fact she had a huge role in "War of the Fat Italians 2021", while the rap battle was awesome, she barely had any lyrics sang into the song and most of it was just Meggy and SMG4 singing.
  8. Before Niles revealed himself as a villain, she could be considered a Butt-Monkey when you look at Melony and his relationship depending on your view.
  9. Despite Wolfychu doing a good job voicing her, there are multiple times where she can be annoying like when she cries.
  10. Overall depending on your view, she is the modern and female version of 2018 Bob Bobowski, modern Bowser Junior from SML, or Scrappy-Doo from Scooby-Doo.
  11. This character derailment has given Melony a bad name as their are people that say she was bad even before her flanderzation

Good Qualities

  1. Before the Genesis Arc, she used to be a way better and more likable character.
  2. She still has her funny and heartwarming moments here and there even if they can sometimes be awkward in "BQ#3".
  3. As mentioned above, Wolfchyu still did a great job voicing her.
  4. She did get some character development in the Revelations movie (despite only being a minor development) and the 5 million subscriber special.


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