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    Megumi Takagi (March Comes in Like a Lion)

    Megumi Takagi
    Gender: Female
    Type: Sociopathic Bully
    Portrayed by: Aoi Yuki (Japanese)
    Ryan Bartley (English)
    Media of origin: March Comes in Like A Lion

    Megumi Takagi is a character and antagonist from the anime/manga series March Comes in Like A Lion, she first appeared in the Ladybug Bush arc. She is a third-year middle school student and the bully of Hinata "Hina" Kawamoto's childhood best friend, Chiho Sakura, whose torment of her is the reason why the latter transferred to a different school.

    Why She Should Be Held Accountable For Her Actions

    1. Being one of the few students known for tormenting her classmates, Takagi bullied Hina's childhood friend Chiho by getting her shoes thrown into the toilet, not allowing her to sit together with her during lunchtime, and leaving all of the school chores to her. That being said, Chiho was very intimidated by Takagi and her friends who are part of her small group, leaving Hina concerned about the former being unable to tell the teachers what they did to her because it would cause her more trouble despite being fully innocent. In addition, she is the main reason why Chiho had to transfer outside of her hometown, where she received special education due to her mental and physical health being affected by the bully's actions.
    2. After Chiho got transferred out of Hina's school, Takagi blatantly mocked her because of it, causing Hina to beat her up for her disrespectful comments and then become the next victim as a result.
    3. Despite being the main antagonist of the story arc, she is arguably the worst character from said arc, due to being feared by her classmates and homeroom teacher for her sociopathic personality. Instead of standing up to her, Takagi's dark presence caused her peers to spread gossip and false rumors about certain victims, especially Chiho and Hina.
    4. She tends to say something bad under her breath or behind people's backs, even going as far as calling Hina a "bitch" or a "brown-noser" while she is the one to talk.
    5. With every action made against Chiho and her classmates, Takagi typically gets off the hook by playing the victim card before her homeroom teacher's mental breakdown.
      • Idiot Move: Again, she called Hina a "brown-noser" under her breath and then played the victim card against her, causing not only the victim to stand up to the bully but also making their homeroom teacher suffer her breakdown and replace her with Mr. Kokubu. With the latter being temporarily in charge as a homeroom teacher and able to bring the ongoing bullying situation into the light, this ultimately led Takagi to face her downfall as a result.
    6. Speaking of idiot, Takagi is not academically bright, given how apathetic she is with her studies and otherwise enjoyed tormenting her fellow peers, as implied by her homeroom teacher out of fear.
    7. While she and her mother suddenly run into the Kawamoto sisters during the parent-teacher conference, it is heavily implied that Takagi does not speak truthfully to her mother about the ongoing bullying situation, which sees her daughter as an accused victim. Her hidden true colors caused her mother to angrily call Akari and Hina out for accusing her as the class bully while the former is the one to blame.
    8. Being questioned for her actions by Mr. Kokubu, reveals two things about Takagi:
      • She has her reason for bullying her peers by blaming her strict parents and the Japanese society in general for telling kids to do their best in academics, which is rather inexcusable because it has nothing to do with her actions against her victims.
      • She is unable to comprehend what "compassion" is, which makes it clear that she is a sociopath who shows no remorse for her wrongdoings.
        • However, it is implied that her aforementioned strict parents improperly raised her since they value education more than what they understand about their daughter's anxiety over high school entrance exams, which is rather common for most Japanese middle school students.
    9. Even after being interrogated by the faculty, Takagi has shown a lack of sincerity with her apology, prompting Hina to ask Mr. Kokubu if it is alright to not forgive her since the bully's actions cannot be undone with Chiho's transfer to another school.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Although her comeuppance was rather short-lived, Takahashi (who sided with Hina by fully understanding the bullying situation) was able to scare Takagi and her friends off by throwing the baseball at her with full pressure.
    2. After every time she got away from taking responsibility for bullying Chiho and Hina, Takagi finally gets her punishment by being fully watched over by the school faculty for the rest of her time in middle school to concentrate on her studies.
    3. Depending on the viewer, it can be quite easy to sympathize with Takagi for having anxiety that rendered her effortless in academics, as what Mr. Kokubu concluded at the end of the story arc.
    4. Aoi Yuki does a great job voicing her in the Japanese dub, and Ryan Bartley does a great job voicing her in the American dub, respectively.



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