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    Megan Parker (Drake & Josh)

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    Megan Parker
    "I love torturing those boobs!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Sadistic Sister
    Age: 9-12
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Miranda Cosgrove
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Drake & Josh
    First appearance: Pilot
    Last appearance: Dance Contest

    Megan Parker is the deuteragonist of the Nickelodeon sitcom Drake & Josh. She is the younger sister of Drake and Josh. She constantly pranks them out of her own amusement and always gets away with it. She is very clever and sneaky as she almost always manages to cover her tracks without ever getting caught. She also has a lot of secrets that no one would believe a young girl like her has.

    She was portrayed by Miranda Cosgrove, who later portrayed Carly Shay in iCarly.

    Why She Intentionally Is a Demon

    1. To get the elephant out of the room, she is the perfect example of a Karma Houdini, as there are little to no episodes of her getting punished for her cruel actions.
    2. She is a very cruel, sadistic, and nefarious girl who likes to prank and make her brothers’ lives miserable just for her own amusement.
    3. Not only does she always gets away with everything, she even has Drake and Josh forced to take the blame for the things she does.
    4. The way she treats her brothers is not only bullying, it's practically abuse. There was even a time where Drake and Josh were starving to death while trapped in a tree house, and Megan cooks hamburgers near them just to torture them. One of her worst pranks involved doing nothing, causing Drake and Josh to become overly paranoid and suspicious for fear of waiting for Megan's revenge prank to the point of turning on each other.
    5. Even when she hardly has nothing big of a role in the episode, she still always ends up on top.
    6. The stuff she secretly has under her parents' noses is given no explanation to how she got any of that stuff.
    7. She was at her worst in "Peruvian Puff Pepper" where she got Drake and Josh disqualified from a competition by using an illegal pepper in their salsa, and gets away scot-free.
    8. And before she got Drake and Josh disqualified, she was even more worse in one scene where she threw a psychotic tantrum and attacked Drake and Josh over having her Peruvian Puff Pepper. To make matters even worse, she even spanked Josh in that one scene too which cranks and amps up her psychotic tantrum to eleven.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. There are times where she's nice to Drake and Josh. Likewise, there have also been times where she was justified to prank Drake and Josh.
      • She did actually have a good debut in "Pilot", and she was also funny in the episode, like the moment when Drake and Josh were able to eat spaghetti and drank iced tea that Audrey made, before she pranks them by putting some hot sauce on their food and drinks and while both of them drinking the water holes outside and she closes the window.
      • In "The Gary Grill", she tricked Buddy and Guy into admitting that they themselves stole the grills and Drake and Josh didn't, causing them to not be in prison.
      • In "Theatre Thug", since she didn’t do too many mean spirited stuff and did try to help Josh prove he’s innocent.
      • In "Josh is Done", where she shows her more caring side, who sees how much Drake went too far with his treatment of Josh.
      • In "Megan's First Kiss" where she's grateful of Drake and Josh for what they did for her as she kissed them on the cheeks. On top of that, she even told them that she loves them.
    2. She finally gets punished in "Tree House".
      • She also does get her small comeuppance in "Megan's New Teacher" as if it were Josh finally getting the chance to stand up to Megan and gets revenge on his sister for her torturous pranks towards him. Her setting Josh up and getting him fired is also completely justified seeing as he was pushing her and her friends way too hard (such as giving them college schoolbooks to study from when they're only in the fifth grade) and giving them a pop quiz on a chapter that none of them were able to read properly.
    3. Miranda Cosgrove did an awesome job portraying her.
    4. Like Helen, without her, Drake and Josh would not likely be as great and memorable as it is now.


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