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No one ever told me I mattered before.

Megan ‘Meg’ Harvey Oswald Griffin (born March 23rd, 1995) is one of the protagonists in the FOX animated TV series, Family Guy. She’s the daughter of Peter and Lois, and older sister to Chris and Stewie. She was a great character during the first 5 seasons, as well as right now after season 14. Unfortunately, during seasons 6-14, she was flanderized to being a punching bag.

She is voiced by Mila Kunis, who is well-known for her portrayal of Jackie Burkhart on the hit period sitcom show “That '70s Show”.

Bad Qualities

  1. Her role of being a butt-monkey became overused in these seasons, to the point where the name of the trope "MegWard the Wizard" was inspired by her.
  2. She is too weak, being an easy victim for the comedic torture.
  3. She became crazy, selfish and unbearable, to the point where she is downright unlikable.
  4. Her gross body became more clear in these seasons, but not in a good way.
    • In Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q, there was the infamous cutaway where Meg pops a zit, which can make anyone who sees it sick.
    • In A Fistful of Meg, while it was nice to know that Meg killed her bully, the way she did it was by “being gross”, which was not fun to watch.
  5. In Seahorse Seashell Party, her being a punching bag is what apparently keeps the family together, which is a very stupid reason, and despite that, she accepts that, which is not only very stupid, but very sad.
  6. She is not a good person at times.
    • In Quagmire and Meg, she hangs out with Quagmire and yells at her family for always interrupting them. Her family was actually protecting her that episode because they know what happens whenever Quagmire is with a girl.
    • In Chris Cross, she made Chris do her chores when she threatened to tell the family he took Lois’ money when she caught him. She should have just told the family, that would have been a better act, because Chris doing her chores eventually got to him to his limit and he ran away to stop getting tortured by Meg.
    • In The Heartbreak Dog, she (along with Chris) steals elderly peoples’ things from a nursing home. Which is cruel, especially against the elderly.
  7. She straight up does not care if anything bad happens to her family sometimes. (Although these are understandable, because Meg has suffered years of abuse)
    • In the episode that started the downfall of Family Guy, Not All Dogs Go to Heaven, she had Channel 5 News tell Quahog that Brian is an atheist in order to help him believe in God, not caring about Brian’s feelings and causing disaster for him during the rest of the episode.
    • In Dial Meg for Murder, she threatens her family after getting out of jail, and the one who got the worst of it was Peter, who she brutally beats up once returning home, finishing off by stomping his teeth on the stairs. (Similar to the infamous scene in American History X). Whilst its understandable why she does this, as her family abused her over the years, but actually abusing them back is not the right thing to do.
    • In Brian’s a Bad Father, she actually gave Peter tips on how to kill himself. While its understandable that she hates her family after all the abuse they gave her, the fact she actually wants her father DEAD is a pretty terrifying thought.
    • In Brian the Closer, she once again doesn’t care about Brian’s feelings and she (along with the rest of the family) refuse to help him fix his teeth after Peter hurts him and causes him to loose his teeth.
  8. She will accept any kind of love from boys that give it to her, even if it’s the wrong kind.
    • In Jerome is the New Black, Jerome revealed to have had sex with her, which was not only very disgusting to hear, but also clearly very illegal.
    • In Dial Meg for Murder, she dates a criminal named Luke Dillonhall, and kept him in her room when he came to visit her after escaping jail.
    • In Quagmire and Meg, she allows Quagmire to hang out with her and keep her company, being oblivious to what he’s going to do to her.

Good Qualities

  1. Her personality is not very different from the previous seasons. It's just that her role was flanderized.
  2. In some parts, she stood up towards her bullies/abusers/enemies
    • Like in Dial Meg for Murder, she beat up Connie D’Amico and her friends with a bag full of sodas.
    • In Seahorse Seashell Party, she scolds her family for the years of abuse she took from them (even if this was ruined, as stated in BQ#5).
    • In A Fistful of Meg, she kills her bully via her gross body (even if this was too gross to watch, as stated in BQ#4).
  3. In The Simpsons Guy (crossover episode with The Simpsons), she makes good friends with Lisa Simpson, who encourages her that she matters, and helps her find her talent, playing the Saxophone really well. They still remain good friends after Meg leaves Springfield, and her playing the Saxophone was awesome, and it doesn’t really rip-off Lisa’s talent, as shown in the past, Meg’s mother, Lois, was a good music person who plays an instrument greatly (in Lois’ case, the piano).
  4. She is willing to help her father, Peter, in the episode, Peter’s Sister, where she learns why she got abused so much.
  5. She has reconciled with 2 of her family members, Chris in Chris Cross, and Peter in Peter’s Sister, which lead to them being on good terms with her and resulted in far less "Meg torture" after Season 14. She also stays strong despite Peter and Lois Griffin, after their flanderization, abusing her during these seasons.
  6. Mika Kunis still does an amazing job voicing her.
  7. She has thankfully redeemed herself since the 15th season.


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