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"Oh, look, a penny."

Mayor Turkey Lurkey is the Mayor of Oakey Oaks in the 2005 animated feature film Chicken Little.

Bad Qualities

  1. He is a completely dumb mayor who barely cares about helping the town and Chicken Little's belief's that the sky is "falling".
  2. It was his fault that nobody saw the UFO because he distracted everyone over a penny.
  3. He has little to no personality.
  4. He barely serves any purpose to the main narrative of the story.
  5. He also seems very tense and nervous, as he's always seen trembling and with a worried face and apparently doesn't know how to cope with difficult situations, offering the aliens Tic-Tacs just because he drew a blank on what to do.
  6. He barely has any meaning with being in the movie.
  7. Before the end of the movie, he could not at least say something without reading the cards.
  8. Like most of the other characters on the film, his design is outdated as his hen design looks too cartoonish.

Good Qualities

  1. He is a kinda funny comic-relief type of character.
  2. "Tic Tac?" and "There's-there's-it's-a-you-have-to-D'oh-DWAH!".
  3. He was very likable in this deleted scene.
  4. He became good in the end.
  5. Don Knotts did a fine job voicing him.
  6. He isn’t as bad as some of the other characters from this film.


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