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Mayor Paul Spryman is one of the main characters and a protagonist from the American TV series Ozzy & Drix. He is the Mayor of the City of Hector and one of the rivals of Osmosis Jones.


Why He Sucks

  1. He is an ungrateful jerk who never even thanks the people who saves him.
  2. To add insult to injury, he'll even go as far as to take the credit Ozzy and Drix make, and even dishonestly states he did all those things.
  3. He is very childish and immature, as he does some very immature things as the Mayor of Hector.
  4. He once almost got Ozzy killed in one episode, despite the fact that Ozzy saved his life.
  5. He is often a huge annoying narcissist.
  6. He has a few times been unfair with Ozzy and Drix like how he wouldn't cut their final week of community service in the nose despite that they saved him from Sylvian Fisher.
  7. He can be quite selfish in some episodes. Like in the episode "An Out of Body Experience" when Hector almost died from a high-dive accident and Ozzy ended up inside Christine Kolchuck (Hector's love interest) through CPR, Spryman refused to allow Hector to go back into the pool and showed no concern about Ozzy, and he even furthered his lack of concern by saying he does not like Ozzy. 

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite his immaturity, and his occasions of abusing his power as mayor, he often takes his job as mayor seriously.
  2. He cares very deeply about Hector as he tries to keep him safe and healthy, and he is usually good with helping the decision making of Hector when ever he's in conflicts.
  3. His dislike for Ozzy is fairly justified often as Ozzy constantly screws things up, and can be quite disrespectful sometimes.
  4. He usually only punishes or berates Ozzy and Drix whenever they cause problems.
  5. The audience disliking him was probably an intended audience reaction.
  6. It's implied that he was raised by some Yes Men politicians who spoiled him just so they wouldn't have to deal with his bratty behavior and thus recieved no proper parental guidance.