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    Augustus Maywho
    "Invite the Grinch, destroy Christmas. INVITE THE GRINCH, DESTROY CHRISTMAS!!!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Hypocritical Mayor
    Middle-aged Childhood Bully
    Species: Who
    Portrayed by: Jeffrey Tambor
    Ben Bookbinder (eight-year-old)
    Media of origin: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

    Mayor Augustus Maywho is the main antagonist of the 2000 film How the Grinch Stole Christmas, based on the book of the same name by Dr. Seuss. He is the greedy, egotistical and self-serving mayor of Whoville and the arch enemy (and bully in childhood) of the Grinch. His main goal is to marry Martha May Whovier, his classmate from childhood, and to keep himself popular while showing spite towards The Grinch.

    Why He's Intentionally More Of a Mean One Than The Grinch

    1. Just like the villains not exclusive to Dr. Seuss’s original books being adapted from such as Aloysius O'Hare from the animated film adaptation of The Lorax and Larry Quinn from the live-action adaptation of The Cat in the Hat, he mostly exists in this movie to give the audience someone to root against that the books did not have.
    2. He is just another “corrupt mayor” stereotype with generic evil plans that are just only to get rid of The Grinch (who was his bullied classmate), as when he was a little kid, he bullied The Grinch and told him that he doesn't have a chance with Martha, cause he's 8 years old with a furry green body, which caused The Grinch to become self-conscious and started to shave, which did not end well for him. He even called the Grinch's bad shaving attempt a HACK JOB and started to laugh along with his classmates and teacher, except for his future wife, Martha.
    3. He even called the gift, that The Grinch made for Martha, hideoderous (pronounced with “hideous”), which proves that he has no respect towards other people like The Grinch.
    4. He kept trying to come up with an excuse not to invite The Grinch to the whobilation, by saying "The award cannot go to The Grinch, because sometimes things get the lead pipe cinch." Cindy even calls him out for making that up, but he claims it's in the book of Who, but says that he "lost his place", which proves he's a compulsive liar. True, most politicians tend to be liars, but it doesn't excuse Augustus' petty-minded behavior.
    5. The movie doesn't bother to give a reason why he tormented the Grinch, other than the fact that The Grinch had a crush on Martha May and the closest that he doesn't want people similar to the Grinch to be in his school and his town. He is mostly there for being a cliched “spoiled rich brat”.
    6. When the Grinch feels like he is getting all the love from the Whos and won the award, the Mayor out of jealousy purposely gives the Grinch a razor as a present to remind him of his horrible past while the Whos laugh at the Grinch, which is just cruel and sadistic (as well as a petty action).
      • Jeez, even Martha May herself disapproved of the mayor’s heinous action.
    7. Not only does he give The Grinch a razor to remind him of his horrible past, but he also proposes to the Grinch’s crush Martha right in front of him!
      • It doesn't help that he bribes Martha with a brand new car if she agrees to be his wife. You can't bribe someone by proposing to them.
    8. No thanks to him bullying the Grinch, he is the main reason why The Grinch started to become mean, a sociopath and creating his hatred towards Christmas and towards the Whos themselves (at least the animated CGI film adaption toned down to not be a rehash of said live-action film).
      • In the flashback he made fun of the Grinch by saying he has a beard, which was not true. Because of this when the Grinch was told to take his bag off his head and his foot off his face, he along with everybody except Martha mocked and laughed at him, which caused him to destroy the classroom and leave Whoville, thus making The Grinch become an outcast.
    9. He has no reason why he disliked the Grinch, aside from being "hairy and ugly", and even that reasoning isn't good enough to be understandable and is quickly forgotten after the end of the film.
    10. Like most of the people of Whoville in the movie, his design is pretty ugly and awkward to look at, as his face looks more like a dog than a Who (mainly with the nose).
    11. In the extended version, when the judge declared that Betty Lou Who won the Christmas lights contest, he unfairly announced Martha May as the winner, just so he had hopes in proposing to her.
    12. In a scene where The Grinch plays a prank of the Mayor, he talks in his sleep and asked "Martha" if he considers "kissing a man who lost his tonsils twice?", and Grinch play-acts as "Martha" by calling him "silly", Mayor made some kissing gestures in his sleep, then Grinch picks up Max while play-acting as "Martha" while saying how "she" was looking for as an experience and said "kiss me you fool" before Grinch makes the Mayor kiss Max's ass shoved onto his face. Despite Max making whimpering sounds while rubbing his butt on the floor out of pain, the Mayor makes a perverted smile in his sleep.
    13. He blamed Cindy Lou Who twice for the Grinch going insane and destroying the whobilation, and stealing Christmas stuff, even though it was entirely Mayor Maywho's fault.
    14. Even after The Grinch brought everything back and apologized, he ungratefully ordered the officer to arrest him and blind him with pepper spray, even though the officer accepted the Grinch's apology, which shows how spiteful Augustus is.
    15. Overall, he may be considered by most fans to be the worst Dr. Seuss villain ever created in a film.

    Intentional Redeeming Qualities

    1. He did get some comeuppances, for example, his hair getting shaved off by The Grinch and humilating him while everyone are in fear of the Grinch's destructive behavior; which can be considered to be pretty funny (the same way that he did in his childhood), getting dragged around while in bed and dragged into the Christmas tree while it was hooked to a police car, getting called out by Lou Lou Who for not realizing the true meaning of Christmas, and getting dumped by Martha May, which is pretty satisfying.
    2. Just like the other actors, Jeffery Tambor did a pretty good job portraying him, and Ben Bookbinder did a pretty good job portraying him in the flashback of him bullying the Grinch.
    3. He is meant to be hated for what he did to the Grinch since he is the main antagonist of the movie after all.


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