Maximus Elephante

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Maximus Elephante
Maximus Elephante.png
"I'm Maximus! You're nobody."
Gender: Male
Type: Bland, Generic, Villainous Elephant
Species: African Elephant
Portrayed by: Matthew Mercer
Status: Unknown
Media of origin: Leo the Lion

Maximus Elephante, or known as Zanco, is the main antagonist of the Italian computer-animated movie Leo the Lion. He is a brutish, arrogant, aggressive, and evil elephant who attempts to marry Savannah so he can become the leader of the herd. He is also Leo's arch-enemy. In the English version, he is voiced by Matthew Mercer.

Why He's Nobody

  1. He is a very bland, forgettable, and weak antagonist who hardly has any character development whatsoever.
  2. His design is very generic and dull, being basically a reused model from the other elephants in the movie.
  3. He overthrew Eli Phant for no apparent reason besides marrying his wife.
  4. His villain song is incredibly pointless and serves no purpose other than to show how evil he is.
  5. He is a bland rip-off of Scar from The Lion King.
    • In fact, during his villain song, he is shown observing a marching herd of Elephants similar to how Scar watched the Hyenas march during his own villain song.
  6. He lies to Savanna that Leo is going to eat the baby elephants just so he can have Savanna turn against Leo.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. His voice actor, Matthew Mercer, did a decent job.


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