Matteo Silva (Bunk'd)

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Matteo Silva
”Are you trying to figure out if schools have butts?”
Gender: Male
Type: Nerd
Age: 11
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Raphael Alejandro
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Bunk'd
First Appearance: We Can't Bear It!

Matteo Silva is a main character in seasons 3-present of Bunk'd. Matteo is a cautious kid who can find danger in any situation and when he does panic, he speaks Portuguese, and he would rather not be at camp until the end when everything is alright through his friends.

Bad Qualities

  1. He is absolutely nothing but a rip-off of Ravi and Tiffany, since all nerds.
  2. He is supposed to be a little innocent kid but he is actually a big selfish jerk.
  3. He is a horrible friend to Finn as he constantly insults him over and over but yet, the show want us to believe that they’re really friends.
  4. His jokes are extremely stale and unfunny.
  5. In episode “Mo-Squito Mo Problems”: he stole Gwen’s mosquito repellent and never gave her any credit whatsoever.
    • Yes he may apologized at the end but why didn’t he give her credit for using her antidote in the first place???
  6. In episode “It's a Blast!”, he was being extremely Cocky and he made fun of Finn’s rocket and he made Finn feel less confident and yet he never apologized, which shows how careless he is.
  7. He never admits that he's wrong, he always wants to be rights.
  8. His stage identity Frankie Whispers is laughably bad and humiliating.

Good Qualities

  1. He is more tolerable in season 5.
  2. His dancing is hilarious
  3. He can be funny and have some funny jokes here and there but not many.
  4. He is nice to his friends sometimes.
  5. He has his badass moments at times.
  6. Raphael Alejandro does a great job at portraying him.


  • Raphael is 3 years older than he plays
  • His name was originally Kyle.
  • He speaks Portuguese when he’s scared and emotional.


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