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"FAIRY GODPARENTS!'" — Denzel Crocker

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Master Frown
Master Frown.png
"I won't forget this, You hear me? I'll find a way back, and then I’m coming for you!"
Gender: Male
Type: Sadistic Killjoy
Pathetic Scoundrel
Species: Lego
Portrayed by: Eric Bauza
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Unikitty!

Master Alan Frown is the main antagonist of the 2017 Cartoon Network series Unikitty!. He is a Doom Lord that is Unikitty's arch-nemesis. He is the antithesis of Unikitty. While Princess Unikitty strives toward staying positive, Master Frown seeks pleasure in the suffering of others, sometimes taking it upon himself to ensure that everyone is just as unhappy as himself. This is carried to the point that he seems to enjoy being in a bad mood as well.

He is voiced by Eric Bauza.

Why He Intentionally Can't Make People Frown (no pun intended)

  1. Despite being the main villain of the series, he is shown to be very cruel and mean-spirited to the point of being more unlikable than forgivable.
  2. He is shown to be a truly heartless, cynical, hedonistic, and sadistic jerk with almost everyone, this sometimes even includes his sidekick Brock (the episode "Dinner Apart-y" is an example). Generally, for little to no reason whatsoever, he can be also seen as a minor annoyance more often than not.
  3. An example of how sadistic he is is episodes like "No Day Like Snow Day"; when Master Frown realizes that it was Snow Day. Rather than staying inside as recommended by Brock, Master Frown gleefully seeks to watch people hurt themselves.
  4. Upon hearing that a blizzard was due to hit the Unikingdom, Master Frown giddily goes there, anticipating the misery of the civilians. However, when he discovers that Unikitty and her friends were enjoying the Snow Day, Master Frown vows to ruin it just to enjoy watching them suffer.
  5. While he always fails at his plans, he constantly tries to make everyone and anything look completely miserable or depressing with the malicious intent of hurting others so they're as depressed as himself, this is often done for his own amusement.
    • He'd do countless petty things that are more immature than just "evil" like pulling a bookmark out of someone's book or attempting to smash Puppycorn's snowman (albeit it backfiring).
  6. As mentioned above, his plans on spreading sadness and misery for whatever reason other than despising joy were shown to be downright useless a lot of the time due to poor planning, compulsive lying, acting without thinking (half of the time) and failing to think ahead (yet he keeps on trying anyway).
    • All of which he somewhat deserves for what's coming to him, it doesn't change for the fact that his continual failures tend to get very predictable, especially when it makes him look stupid and pathetic all the time. Does that sound familiar?
    • His ideas for being evil are so laughably mild, that the Doom Lord hierarchy thinks and expects little of him. Despite this, Master Frown is convinced that he's a true villain who's good at spreading misery. This all makes him hard to take seriously as the main antagonist.
    • Despite how he keeps failing every time and always loses, he is constantly treated as a punching bag in the entire series other than being villainous, due to how he never succeeds.
  7. His sense of unhappiness is as simplistic as drinking someone's glass of milk among other mundane acts.
  8. He and Brock both keep an apartment room so messy and disgusting, that it'll make anyone ill for just being in there.
  9. Misleading name: His very name doesn't make too much sense since he doesn't have a permanent scowl on his face, in fact, he even tends to make many kinds of emotions and expressions other than frowning a lot of the time.
  10. He has his fair share of his moments that can often frustrate viewers because of his actions.
    • In "Fire & Nice", he tries to make Unikitty completely lose her mind by torturing her relentlessly, at least he did get his karma by becoming live bait.
    • In "Birthday Blowout", he stole Puppycorn's wish candle for no reason other than his own enjoyment, he did get his karma by being nearly buried in rubble.
    • In "Beach Daze", he had made some unnecessary rules as a lifeguard to the point of being extremely irrational and questionable.
    • In "Election Day", he tries to take over as the new ruler of the Unikingdom and to solely torture Unikitty just for the fun of it, which can make viewers angry when he always tries to get away with it scot-free.
    • In "Prank War", he constantly keeps inflicting countless pranks onto Unikitty and her friends which gets carried away to the point of receiving no comeuppance whatsoever for his actions. It made him nearly just as unlikable and annoying as Bendy from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends by being a Karma Houdini. He thankfully ended up in the losers' cage.
  11. Despite his villainous behavior, he can also seem like a bad influence on impressionable children since they can mimic him on every move.
  12. While his design is pretty good, it kind of makes him look like a girl.
  13. Although Eric Bauza does a decent job voicing him, it can sound quite annoying at times, and it helps that half of his dialogue is yelling, usually seen everytime when he angrily snaps.
  14. He was at his worst in the series finale, "The Birthday to End All Birthdays", where he tries to cause genocide all over the Unikingdom just for the fun of it.
  15. Even after he redeemed himself in the finale, he yelled "I REGRET EVERYTHING!", which shows how merciless he is.
  16. For all of these reasons stated above, he is often considered to be one of the most unlikable characters in the show, even surpassing both Eagleator and FeeBee.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Since he is the main antagonist of the show, it's clear that he is meant to be hated due to how mean-spirited, jerkish, and despicable he is.
  2. As with most of the other characters in the show, his character design is pretty good.
  3. Eric Bauza does a good job voicing him most of the time.
  4. He had a somewhat of a decent introduction in "No Day Like Snow Day".
    • There are several times when he can be sometimes likable to an extent. For example, he spends time with his sidekick and roommate, Brock, often as a form of friendship in a way.
    • In the episode "Best Best Friends", he felt guilty for making Brock look bad to the point of making a song for him and joining some competition to make him feel better.
    • His tragic backstory in "Trapped In The Tower" he explained made him seem somewhat sympathetic towards some viewers.
    • He sometimes did help out in some episodes.
  5. The concept of a villain wanting to bring misery to a world full of happiness sounds interesting. It's a shame that it was poorly executed.
  6. He also had a brief non-speaking cameo in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part alongside Brock.
  7. He often gets his comeuppance at all times, usually by his sinful, villainous plans being foiled.
  8. Depending on your view, he did become a little more tolerable as the series went on, though his flaws still remained almost the same.
    • Despite causing genocide for the sake of it, he has thankfully quitted the Doom Lords and redeemed himself at the end of the series finale.
  9. Unikitty! would definitely not be the same as it is without him, which he at least was absent in some episodes, even for how he was portrayed as a minor character with less screentime in the series.
  10. His quote, "Ugh, fine!".


  • It's possible for Master Frown to be considered gay as he and Brock seem a little too close to actually be considered just "roommates". They act like an old married couple, they both share a single bed, hug each other on occasion, and Master Frown apparently gives him bedtime kisses.


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