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    Masami Kakuta (Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure!)

    Masami Kakuta is a minor character from the series Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure!. She is the president of the Disciplinary Committee and is very strict about following the rules. When rumors about a mermaid spread around the school, Masami takes it upon herself to search every single club room and gets increasingly suspicious about the Tropical Club when they get annoyed because of her actions. After taking the Mermaid Aqua Pot, she sees someone on a skateboard and follows it, where she comes across Laura in the Disciplinary Committee room. After speaking to Laura, she notices the length of Laura's skirt but Laura bolts before Masami could do anything. The next day, she confronts the Tropical Club again, where she then sees Kururun on a skateboard, but no one believes her.

    She is voiced by Yuka Ōtsubo.

    Masami Kakuta
    Behold the dark counterpart of Reiko Kisaragi, and the Trina Riffin of anime
    Gender: Female
    Type: Strict Bitch
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Yuka Ōtsubo
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure
    First appearance: Confiscated! The Aqua Pot Is Not Allowed!?
    Last appearance: Attack! The Strongest Yaraneeda!

    Why She's Insufferable

    1. Her main flaw is that she's very strict about following the rules, which is a red flag.
    2. She ordered the disciplinary committee to search the mermaid in the Tropical Club and didn't clean up.
    3. She confiscated the aqua pot without explanation.
    4. She was shoehorned in "Hot Blooded Battle! Tropical Club VS Student Council" and didn't have any dialogue.
    5. She never got true redemption.
    6. She's basically Reiko Kisaragi, but never redeemed.
    7. In "Attack! The Strongest Yaraneeda!", she scolded Manatsu and Laura just for being late before being told to let go by Rika.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. She was enjoyable and tolerable at the end of "General Election! Laura Is the Student Council President!?" as she is a candidate in the student council president election, despite her losing to Rika by a huge margin.
    2. Her boyish haircut and design make her cute.
    3. Yuka Ōtsubo did a decent job voicing her.


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