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    Mary Sue (also known as Gary Stu for the male counterparts) is a trope where a character is portrayed as a completely perfect person who is free from problems.

    They're often used on characters who are important in the story, they possess unusual physical traits and have an irrelevantly over-skilled or over-idealized nature.

    Why This Trope Is a Mary Sue

    1. It makes the characters' personalities very bland and makes them a lot less quirky compared to other characters who aren't Mary Sues or Gary Stus.
    2. They are portrayed as a perfect person who never makes mistakes and is free from all problems, which is very unrealistic because no human or creature on earth is a perfect being who can do nothing wrong.
    3. Most of them barely have to suffer through any type of problem or issue that gets in their way.
    4. For the most part, they can be extremely one-dimensional and lack that much character development.
    5. Sometimes, they can be portrayed as literal jerks and will brag about their Mary Sue/Gary Stu traits (both in personality and writing).
    6. There are many times when these kinds of characters are so perfect that their writing trashes other characters who are more realistic and relatable, which can get very mean-spirited, especially when those other characters don't deserve it.
    7. In many cases, these characters are always painted in the right in their stories even when there are things wrong with their personality and writing; their stories support them too much even when they make big mistakes that should make them be viewed as the ones wrong.
      • In fact, there are more than a few times where characters like these don't get any comeuppance when they deserve it after making unlikable actions where viewers would want them to get what's coming to them, making these kinds of characters Karma Houdinis.
    8. Even actual antagonists/villains in stories can come off as Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus as well if not written properly, which can make viewers view them as poor villains.
    9. For characters who unrealistically lack imperfections and always do the right thing at the right time, it's hard to take their good actions seriously because of the characters' lack of depth and relatability.
    10. Many of these characters, always get whatever they want on a silver platter, even at times when they don't deserve it, making these kinds of characters come across as spoiled.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. There are a few Mary Sues and Gary Stus who are well-written characters, like Gwen Tennyson, Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam, Hello Kitty, Wendy, Postman Pat, etc.
      • Lots of the time, Mary Sues and Gary Stus can also be portrayed as friendly characters and are sometimes willing to give good morals to other characters.
        • Bob the Builder and Fireman Sam are good examples, as Sam usually gives the characters fire safety tips in every episode while Bob usually gives the characters construction safety tips.
    2. Some of them do receive character development and can even be forced to hurdle through problems to solve themselves.
    3. Because they have no flaws, these characters can be liked by many, despite it being bland.

    All Mary Sues & Gary Stus

    NOTE: Good characters can also be added here.

    Mary Sues

    • Bubbie (The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack): She constantly spoils Flapjack and refuses to discipline him whenever he misbehaves, treats Captain K’nuckles like Flapjack’s whipping boy, and refuses to trust him at all, perceives Flapjack as an Angel who can do no wrong, and, she is always deemed in the right all the time. She never. Faces karma for her poor treatment of K’nuckles and when she devoured an innocent woman named Ruth. She has only been called out for her hypocrisy twice in concerns with spying on people and lying.

    Gary Stus

    • Allen Gregory De Longpre (Allen Gregory) He's very bratty and sometimes selfish. His actions can go from snooty, to the point of being so offensive and provocative that you want to punch him in the face. Even worse, Allen, like his father, is often a karma houdini, as he usually gets off scot-free with his actions.
    • Amadeus Cho/Hulk (Marvel; 2015-present) Like Allen, he's turned into bratty and unlikable douchebag who won't stop bragging about how smart he is.

    Its also something of an informed ability now as he never acts smart anymore.


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