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    Martin Wright (Big Nate)
    "Use this more reasonably sized bag." *proceeds to hold up a bag the size of a hamster*
    Gender: Male
    Type: Embarrassing and Hypocritical Dad
    Age: 46
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Rob Delaney (TV series)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Big Nate
    First appearance: Big Nate:In a Class By Himself, January 10, 1991 strip


    Martin Wright is a major character in the comic strip and book series Big Nate. He is Nate Wright's father who had a divorce with Nate's mother when Nate was a baby, and has remained single ever since.

    Why He Deserves to Stay Single

    1. He's really dorky and annoying, and constantly embarrasses Nate in front of his friends with his dumb ideas.
    2. He's super hypocritical, with one of the biggest examples being in various Halloween arcs where he hands out healthy "treats", but at the same time indulges in tons of sugary snacks himself.
      • In fact, he'll often even steal candy from Nate's stash once Halloween is over, resulting in Nate having to set up traps to keep him from doing so.
      • Marty's worst Halloween moment by far is when he stole from Nate's candy stash but Nate caught him in the act, so then Marty guilt-tripped his own son by reminding him that he keeps him alive, although that is no excuse for stealing.
      • His healthy "treat" tendencies sometimes spreads to other adults, convincing them to hand out healthy treats too.
      • Despite his house getting egged, toilet papered, and shaving creamed many times, he's never able to connect the dots and realize his healthy treats are hated by kids throughout the neighborhood.
    3. He's really overprotective, and wants to make sure basically everything Nate does is safe.
    4. Whenever Nate wants to play a sport with his friends, Marty immediately wants to join in despite him being terrible at sports and constantly making a fool out of himself.
      • In one strip, he wanted to join Nate, Francis, and Teddy in a basketball game, but Nate said he couldn't since they're playing 21. But then Marty tried to get around that by saying "But you have me now! So you don't have to play 21!" which is pretty stupid since Nate and his friends are playing 21 because they want to, not because they're forced to.
    5. He always refuses to get Nate a dog because he doesn't want to take care of it, no matter what breed it is. This basically translates to: He's lazy.
    6. He constantly makes Nate do chores because he's too lazy to do them himself.
    7. He once threw his back out and made Nate do a bunch of stuff for him, ringing an annoying bell whenever he needed something.
    8. He's absolutely horrible at cooking but is completely oblivious to that fact, so he makes Nate and Ellen eat it anyway.
      • An example of this was when Nate was impressed at how much food Marty had prepared for thanksgiving, and admired how great the stuffing looked... only for Marty to reveal that the "stuffing" was actually gravy, and then he showed Nate the actual stuffing, which looked more like a pile of charcoal than stuffing. And all the while, Marty just couldn't take a hint at how bad he is at cooking.
    9. In one strip, he wouldn't let Nate buy a pair of jeans because they had holes in them, despite the fact that they're intentionally designed that way. He ended up getting into a game of tug-of-war with Nate, resulting in the jeans getting ripped apart.
    10. Back in the 1990s, he was really mean-spirited and bossy when he didn't get his way.
      • He once baked a batch of brownies, but then told Nate it's "rude" to take the largest brownie immediately, and then forced Nate to take the driest, most shriveled-up brownie, even screaming at Nate when he refused.
    11. He often compares Nate to his older sister Ellen, whom he favors more.
    12. He has very little trust in his own son.
    13. He always forces Nate to caddie for him when he goes golfing, leaving Nate exhausted by the end due to how terrible he is at golf.
    14. He once forbid Nate from reading his favorite comic, Femme Fatality, only to later read the comic himself.
      • Speaking of that, Marty and Nate are both huge perverts, but with Marty, it's even worse.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He can occasionally be pretty hilarious and funny.
    2. His design is, like most other characters in the strip, passable.
    3. Him being divorced, lonely, and forced to take care of two... *ahem* unique children can really make you sympathize with him at times.
    4. Sometimes, Nate does deserve to be scolded or punished.
    5. One could argue that Marty's hypocrisy is due to him knowing what it's like to be fat and not wanting the newer generation to go through that. This was never stated in the strip though; don't jump to conclusions, people.
    6. Rob Delaney does a great job voicing Martin Wright in the TV series.
    7. He gets a little bit of redemption and he is no longer mean-spirited and bossy when he doesn't get his way, and is a little bit better in the TV series.


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