Mark the Tapir (Sonic Boom)

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Mark the Tapir (Sonic Boom)
Mark the Tapir.jpeg
"I am not a student actually. I just wanted to meet you. Mark the Tapir, hi. I'm your biggest fan."
Gender: Male
Type: Pointless One-off Character
Annoyingly Obsessive Fan of Sonic
Age: Unknown
Species: Tapir
Portrayed by: Wally Wingert
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Sonic Boom

"Your friend's a little.. intense. It's clear he has an unhealthy attachment to you."
Amy about Mark, The Biggest Fan

Mark the Tapir is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. He is an anthropomorphic tapir who resides on Seaside Island, and the fanatical, self-proclaimed “number-one fan" of Sonic the Hedgehog. He also works as the retail clerk in Hedgehog Village's video game store, and occasionally moonlights as a tour guide.

Why He Intentionally Sucks

  1. He acts incredibly rude and aggressive towards anyone for the sole purpose of just pleasing Sonic.
  2. He is so obsessed with Sonic that he constantly stalks and tries making him happy to the point of keeping him hostage just for the sake of having him in his house. Not only does he come off as really annoying, but also as somewhat creepy.
  3. He can be quite delusional, like when reenacting his fan-fiction for example (i.e portraying Sonic's abrasive quote "Quiet, Tails!" to a harsh extent).
  4. He injured Sonic by crashing him into a boulder just so he could take the hedgehog for himself while he was hurt, which was just cruel.
  5. Not only did he keep Sonic hostage, but he also got the rest of his team and kept them as hostages too, making him even creepier.
  6. He took some Gogobas on a walking tour around Tails' property without his permission, meaning he was trespassing.
  7. When he saw a FleaBot-infested Amy, he didn’t even bother to help her.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He does have some clever moments, him summarizing SonAmy as being obligatory with the Sonic fandom for example.
  2. He's an obvious parody of the Sonic fanbase and its more insane parts, which can be funny and entertaining to watch at times.
    • An prime example of this was him being excited to be defeated by Sonic and his friends.
  3. He did get his comeuppance for both bothering and pestering Sonic and company.
  4. He's certainly supposed to be a hatesink type of character because of how much he literally gives X Amy a run for her rings.


  • In Lover of Green's "So, I Finally Watched Sonic Boom", he says the episode where Mark appears is his favorite in the show,referring to it as a parody of Stephen King's Misery.


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