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    Mark Jefferson (Life Is Strange)

    Mark Jefferson (Life Is Strange)
    "I could frame any of you in a dark corner and capture you in a moment of desperation."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Photography Teacher who is secretly a Psychopath
    Age: 38
    Species: Human
    Status: Determinant
    Media of origin: mh:awesomegames:Life Is Strange

    Mark Jefferson (born April 11, 1975) is a photography teacher at Blackwell Academy and the main antagonist of Life Is Strange. As a famous photographer and a widely recognized artist across America, he gained popularity during the '90s. Introduced as the cool and nice teacher who is greatly admired by his students, including Max Caulfield, he is later revealed to be the true villain in Life Is Strange. Throughout the game, Jefferson was either directly or indirectly responsible for the (potential) deaths of a total of seven characters.

    Why He Sucks

    1. He has Nathan Prescott drug and kidnap optimistic teenage girls to be brought and tortured by him in the Dark Room by exploiting his psychosis and desire for a father figure.
    2. He tortured and allegedly murdered teenage girls in order to take photos of them "losing their innocence".
    3. He was responsible for Rachel Amber's death as Nathan Prescott accidentally overdosed her while trying to impress/imitate him.
    4. He subtly goads Kate Marsh into suicide by saying "Perhaps she doth protest too much." Whether or not Kate successfully kills herself or not depends on the player's choices.
    5. He is a psychopath as he shows no sympathy for the people he murdered and tortured even going as far as to claim that mentally torturing Kate Marsh was "satisfying".
    6. His reveal as the real villain is very stupid and poorly handled since he isn't a main character nor is there any foreshadowing which makes the reveal feel like it was done at the last minute by the writers.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He is shown to be a great photographer.
    2. While he is despicable, he is a good teacher and gives Max good life advice when discussing about her homework.
    3. Derek Phillips did a decent job voicing him.


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