Mario (Mario vs. Wario comics)

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Mario (Mario vs. Wario comics)
"Don't be such a wimp!"
Gender: Male
Type: The Dark Side Of Mario
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Mario Vs. Wario Comics

Mario is the main protagonist of the eponymous Mario series with the same name. He is a plumber with red clothes and blue overalls and is a bit fat. His games mainly center around saving Princess Peach from Bowser. Unfortunately, in the Mario Vs. Wario comics, he has suffered a bad case of flanderization.

Why He Was A Wimp

NOTE: This page is only talking about his counterpart in the Mario Vs. Wario comics since the original Mario is likable.

  1. This counterpart of Mario in these comics portrays him very inconsistently here, possibly even worse than the Mario in the 1993 film. He starts off as going to his castle to meet Wario, however, he attacks anyone who gets in his way.
  2. He is quite idiotic, as he attacks the 3 Little Pigheads by throwing them into one another as he thought he was playing bowling.
  3. Another scene where he is idiotic is when he runs into the Sewer Rat, he thinks that he wants to party and that his nose is a party popper, so what does he do? He pulls the Sewer Rat's nose off and causes him to faint. Not only is that idiotic, he's also being a reckless party animal.
  4. He decides to feed Pako salt, but instead he feeds him sugar, and then it causes Pako to faint, which shows that he can be careless and unattentive. Someone careless and unattentive, have we heard about that before?
  5. Because of the aforementioned 3 pointers about him attacking animals, that means that he's being an animal abuser, even more so than in Donkey Kong Jr and Donkey Kong Circus before redeeming himself in later games.
  6. He is much more of a bland, basic version of Mario as a hero, as he has no personality or character development. That makes him cliche somehow, where he is the generic "I'm going to save the day" hero with nothing else to say aside from him being an animal abuser and a ruthless bully to Wario.
  7. He does not get any comeuppance or karma for his cruel actions, making him a Karma Houdini/Idiot Houdini.
  8. For some reason, despite him apologizing to Wario, he still calls him a wimp and mistreats him for no reason. That shows that he is proves he's nothing more than a ruthless hypocrite.
  9. In some panels, he and Wario make faces that can be rather uncanny and scary.
  10. At one point, he even made Peach mad at him on her birthday. Peach suffers from both Mario and Wario’s attempts to prank each other by opening their prank gifts which were their attempts to embarrass each other. This along with Mario and Wario attacking each other made them look equally bad.
  11. He gives the original Mario himself a bad name.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Mario himself is still tolerable in the original Mario games before and after these comics were released.
    • Additionally, this counterpart can be written as non-canon, considering the fact that the comics don't actually have that big of an impact on the mainline game series.
  2. Mario's actions towards Wario at least give Wario a sympathetic backstory and a reason for him to be Mario's arch-rival.
  3. He is still somewhat nice to others, like the Witch.


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