Marine and Wendy (Les Sisters)

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Marine and Wendy are the main protagonists of the cartoon adapted from the comic strip Les Sisters

Marine and Wendy (Les Sisters)
Vous deux êtes les pires Sisters que nous ayons jamais vues.
(You two are the worst Sœurs we've ever seen.)
Gender: Female
Type: Annoying Sisters.
Age: 9 and 14 years
Species: Humans
Portrayed by: Kelly Marot
Anaïs Delva
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Les Sisters

Wendy: Marine's big sister, aged 14 in the cartoon and 12 in the comics, she calls her sister, Marine, the "pestouille", and sometimes listens to rock. She was born on December 3. She has a boyfriend named Maxence, whom she often calls "Maxou" and they have known each other since kindergarten. She is sometimes bossy with him, but in the episode Missing Max, she can't go a day without him. She is also very close to her sister, the two girls argue a lot but always end up reconciling. She is a fan of the rock band Les Vandalises. Wendy to rival Rachel. She is Capricorn. She also has a best friend, Samira aka Sammie.

Marine: She's Wendy's little sister, aged 9 and a half in the cartoon and 8 in the comics. She likes comforters and princess costumes and hates having a lover because she finds it disgusting. She seems not to know how to speak and invent words very well. She is sometimes annoying with her sister and steals some of her clothes (for example: the t-shirt autographed by the singer of the group Vandalises). Her two best friends are Louise and Nathalie. She has a stuffed animal that she never leaves by the name of Puduk. She is Libra.

Why They Suck

NOTE: The problems with these characters only come from the cartoon and not from the book.


  1. They have both been flanderized in the cartoon by becoming bad characters.
  2. They are really boring to watch always doing stupid things.
  3. Their design is poor and has very few links to the book even worse it's the same characters but with different hair different height and different clothes.
  4. They are often horrible with those around them, especially their neighbor.
  5. They are often never punished for their actions making them Karma Houdinis.


  1. She suffered the same fate as Leni Loud by going from a funny idiot to a really not funny idiot.
  2. She has a horrible voice and cringe to listen to.
  3. His Sister language is really boring to listen to and will put you in a bad mood.
  4. She shames her sister and her parents in view of her behavior.
  5. She is completely immature especially in some episodes where she makes skin creams with really filthy mixtures.
  6. Overall between the two it's the worst of the two characters.


  1. It's become a really boring Mary-Sue.
  2. She's kind of the cause of Marine's derailment in how she disrespects her.
  3. She is a manipulator especially with her sister or we can see her manipulating her sister.
  4. Overall, even if Marine is worse than her, she's not far off either.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Sometimes they are a little funny.
  2. Sometimes they get punished for their horrible deeds, which shows that at least French shows aren't as dumb as previously thought.
  3. Wendy is overall the least bad of the two because she keeps her side of the book a bit.


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