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    Marcell Toing (Ratatoing)

    Marcell Toing
    Hmm, another character that's based on another character who's iconic without any of his charm or likability. Does this remind you of anyone?
    Gender: Male
    Type: The Coconut Fred Equivalent to Remy
    Species: Rat
    Portrayed by: Wayne Grayson (English)
    Douglas Guedes (Brazilian Portuguese)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Ratatoing

    Marcell Toing is the main protagonist of the critically panned 2007 Vídeo Brinquedo film Ratatoing, who was based on Remy from Disney and Pixar's Ratatouille, with similarities of being a chef.

    Why He Has No Dedication nor Care

    1. For starters, he is a rip-off/mockbuster of Remy, from Disney and Pixar's Ratatouille due to similarities of being a chef, except with none of the charm and likability Remy had.
    2. Despite being the main protagonist of the movie who is a mockbuster of Remy and getting a fair amount of screen time, the only thing he does is manage a restaurant by stealing food throughout the film (in contrast to his counterpart Remy who outright hates the idea of stealing food) and he is supposed to be treated as a rootable protagonist when he comes off as more of a Villain Protagonist than an anti-hero, especially since Marcell, Greg, and Carol act like Team Rocket wannabes; where Marcell feels like a James wannabe due to how they both makes plans similarly as well as their humorous personalities being nearly identical to him, meanwhile Carol seems like a Jessie wannabe compared to Greg serving as the Meowth-esque comic-relief.
      • Not only does he steal food from a human restaurant, but he sends his rivals to an animal testing lab, even though he's the protagonist of the story and is supposed to be rooted for, he comes across as a troublemaking con-artist instead of a hero.
    3. Due to being a rip-off of Remy, Marcel is very unoriginal and kind of bland mainly due to how his schemes for stealing food can be boring and typical to watch, like when he tried to pick up a big chocolate bar.
    4. False advertising: On the DVD cover of the movie he stars in, he wears a chef's outfit with a hat, despite he isn't wearing it at all in the movie. Like Greg and Carol, he has a pink nose, but in the movie, his nose is black, like all the other mice, including Greg and Carol. The DVD cover also shows Marcel holding a plate of cheese; he doesn't make cheese at all in the actual film.
    5. Speaking to customers makes Marcel incredibly uneasy; he gets easily agitated to the point where his friends fake a kitchen accident to give him an excuse to escape. This has led some viewers to believe that he has social anxiety.
    6. As to be expected by many other Vídeo Brinquedo characters, his design is horrible and creepy. His appearance in particular looks like he was some rejected CGI animal design from shows like Funny Pets.
    7. Plot holes: How is Marcell able to cook a variety of dishes using merely ONE cauldron for cooking with only any ingredient mixed in it, and how can solely a single strawberry make a week's worth of dishes for his restaurant?
    8. Like the rest of the characters of the film, he is incredibly stupid to the point that it's unfunny and instead gets incredibly irritating and frustrating to watch.
      • His levels of stupidity and brilliance tend to be very inconsistent. Because he's smart enough to hide and keep an undercover organization for other rodents by stealing food from the kitchen and other human restaurants, as well as being strategic enough to bribe a cat into being an ally to Greg and the rats Marcell is conflicted by, yet he's very bad at stealth due to talking loudly to his teammates Greg and Carol while he steals food.
      • To add insult to injury, Marcell gets no character development whatsoever like the rest of the characters, and he's also one-dimensional.
    9. He is quite sadistic, as in the ending of the film, he along with Greg and Carol all laugh at the predicaments of the rival rats who got sent to a laboratory where they're subsequently experimented on by scientists. Granted, these rival rats in question wanted to sabotage his restaurant, but still, it made them look mean-spirited as a result. Not only that, but Marcell's friends all hysterically laugh just because Greg said "precisely", and they keep laughing more and more once he says it once again.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Wayne Grayson and Douglas Guedes did decent jobs voicing him in the English and Brazilian dubs respectively, although it feels slightly awkward.
    2. Marcell Toing can be a bit sympathetic at times.
    3. He is admittedly so terrible that he is hilarious.
    4. Marcell Toing at least cares about the people around him, especially his friends.


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