Marcell Toing (Ratatoing)

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Marcell Toing
Rip-off artists! — Bloo
Gender: Male
Type: Blatant Ripoff/Mockbuster of Remy
Species: Rat
Portrayed by: Wayne Grayson (English)
Douglas Guedes (Brazil)
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Ratatoing

Marcell Toing is the main protagonist of the critically panned Vídeo Brinquedo film, Ratatoing. He was based off of Remy from Pixar's Ratatouille.

Why He Has No Dedication Nor Care

  1. For starters, he is a ripoff/mockbuster of Remy, expect with none of the charm and likability Remy had.
  2. Despite being the main protagonist of the movie and getting a fair amount of screentime, he barely does anything in the film.
  3. He is very unoriginal and kinda bland, depending on your view.
  4. He doesn't change any expressions, just keeping mouth smiling.
  5. His design is absolutely horrible and creepy like he came straight from some rejected CGI animal designs from shows like Popee The Performer or Funny Pets.
  6. Like the rest of the characters of the film, he is incredibly stupid to the point that it's unfunny and instead gets incredibly irritating and frustrating to watch.
  7. He is quite sadistic, as in the ending of the film he, along with Greg and Carol, all laugh at the predicaments of the rival rats who got sent to a laboratory where they're subsequently experimented on by scientists. Granted, these rival rats in question wanted to sabotage his restaurant, but still.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Wayne Grayson and Douglas Guedes did decent jobs voicing him in the English and Brazilian dubs respectively, although it feels slightly awkward.


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