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The Brainy Smurf of the Turma da Mônica series.

Marcelinho is a character from the Brazilian comic book series Turma da Mônica. He was introduced in 2015 and was the last character created by Mauricio de Sousa based on one of his kids.

Why He Sucks

  1. For starters, the only characteristic of Marcelinho's character comes down to being a politically correct character who only cares about serious issues of saving water, light, paper, money and above all the environments, and that's pretty much it.
  2. Despite being a 7-year-old, he is concerned about serious and mature issues about economics and the environment that should be discussed by adults.
  3. He often tries to act like a teacher educating his friends about economics and preserving the environment.
  4. His design is very out of place when compared to the other characters, due to him having a much more realistic head shape and beady eyes, in addition to appearing to be more of a midget adult than a child.
  5. Unlike other characters like Marina, Do Contra, Nimbus, Dorinha, Luca, Bloguinho and Milena, he was presented in comic strips published online on social networks instead of in the comic books, which was not a good option since the current audience of Turma da Mônica follows the franchise more through the comic books than the comic strips.
  6. The only reason he exists was just to complete the characters based on Mauricio de Sousa's children, which explains why he's so poorly written.
  7. After his first appearances in 2015, Marcelinho had very few appearances in the comics, thus turning him into becoming a poorly worked character.
  8. Most of the stories focused on him are boring and unfunny, due to the fact that they are just politically correct and educational.
  9. He only debuted in the comics when the real son of Mauricio de Sousa turned 16, as the real Marcelo thought that if Marcelinho debuted in the comics during childhood, he could be the target of bullying at school, because he follows the stereotype of a "good boy".
  10. Based on the above reasons, Marcelinho can be considered a gary-stu.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He at least has a point when it comes to discussing economics and preserving the resources of the environment, as this is a serious topic to be addressed in reality.
  2. Similar to Luca and Bloguinho, he is one of the few boys who doesn't tend to tease Mônica or the other kids in the gang.
  3. He is one of the few characters who (thankfully) did not appear in the cartoon.
  4. With him, Mauricio de Sousa finally completed the creation of all the characters based on his children.


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