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    Manny Taur
    Manny Taur.png
    A disgrace to the Chicago Bulls.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Stereotypical bully
    Age: 16
    Species: Minotaur
    Portrayed by: Audu Paden (English)
    Guy Roshiniack (Hebrew)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Monster High

    Manny Taur is a recurring character in the Monster High franchise. He was originally featured on the webseries in 2011 and has since become a regular character. He is the brother of Minnie Taur, and was voiced by Audu Paden in the English version, and Guy Roshiniack in the Hebrew version.

    Bad Qualities

    1. His character was introduced as nothing more than a bland bully who bullies other students that are weaker and smaller and follows the stereotype of a big bully student.
      • The fact that he's a bully even comes from an infamous pun since he's a half-bull monster.
    2. He also frequently bullies Jackson Jekill for no reason, following the stereotype that bullies hate nerdy students and enjoy making their lives miserable.
    3. In some episodes it is revealed that he has a mania for attacking everything that is red because he hates this color, based on the urban myth that bulls charge at the color red. But that doesn't make sense because his shirt IS RED, which makes him a HYPOCRITE!
    4. His design, despite being decent, feels very out of place compared to the designs of the other characters in Monster High, who look more like humans with fangs, stitches, small fins, colored hair... than real monsters.
    5. Like most of the boys on the show, Manny isn't very smart and sometimes even risks doing immature things at school just like Heath Burns, who by the way is one of his friends, of course he is.
    6. He's also not a good antagonist, mainly because even the girls at school can easily deal with him by getting him punished, and even fearing his sister Minnie (who by the way was never even seen physically appearing on the show to justify why he fears her).

    Good Qualities

    1. He has a really good and decent design and among the characters in Monster High he is one of the few who actually looks like the monster he is supposed to be, in this case a minotaur.
    2. His actions are not always wrong, sometimes he gets to be misjudged to the point of being the victim in front of other students, as is what happens in the episode "Dodgeskull" where Ghoulia Yelps cheats and gets Manny and his team replaced from the dodgeball team by zombies just because Manny didn't accept the zombies on his team, although zombies are too weak and slow for this sport; Manny is also the target of bullying by a devil boy who attends Monster High.
    3. He improves his behavior throughout the episodes, showing friendship with other students and even becoming the boyfriend of Iris Clops.
    4. His romance with Iris Clops is interesting since they are both monsters from Greek mythology.
    5. His voice is very good, thanks to Audu Paden.


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