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    Manny Heffley
    "I'm onwee thwee!" - And you'll never be four.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Painfully Bratty, Loathsome and Unnervingly Psychopathic Karma Houdini
    Age: 3-5
    Species: Human
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Diary of a Wimpy Kid
    First appearance: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

    Manny Heffley is Greg and Rodrick's baby brother, and a major character in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid franchise.

    "Ploopy!" Qualities

    1. Being the third and youngest child of the Heffley family, Manny's problem as a 3-year-old toddler is that he is severely spoiled and entitled (especially in the earlier books) and gets away with bad behavior intentionally unlike most 3 year olds. He also throws meltdowns very easily and does it on purpose and not due to bad communication unlike most people his age. Notable examples are:
      • He threw a meltdown in the middle of a religious Easter ceremony (due to Greg calling him a "ploopy"), embarrassing the entire family in church.
      • In Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Wrecking Ball, when Greg was going to do something, he wanted to come with him, Frank told him he was too young to help, so he had a fit because of that.
    2. In the first book, he embarrassed and annoyed Greg on saying "bubby" during the rehearsal of Wizard of Oz at school, which was ruined because of him.
    3. In The Last Straw, Manny repeatedly calls Greg "ploopy" for no reason, to his annoyance. He also starts to swear on purpose (unlike most 3 year olds who don't know what the words even mean) when Rodrick was also swearing by throwing an object in front of their mother.
    4. In Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever, Manny is at his absolute worst, when he knocked the power out of the whole house except his room, and left his family to nearly die just because no one taught him to tie his shoes. And he didn't get punished because he's a toddler. No matter how young the person is, near murder is a severe crime and the perpetrator must receive punishment. He basically attempted murder by doing this but he failed due to Greg catching him.
      • Additionally, he doesn't get his comeuppance, as on Christmas he gets toys and a pair of shoes.
      • To make it worse, even though he was taught how to tie his shoes, he still had Susan tie his shoes for him.
      • To be fair, the family wasn’t aware of him turning off the power as they were in a snowstorm and it can cause the electricity to go out, which they thought it did, and Manny can’t get arrested due to his age, but it’s still no excuse for him to do that. He would get arrested in juvenile if he were a teenager and would get arrested as an adult if he was 18 or older.
    5. He may be pretty intelligent for a baby (like Stewie Griffin), but he has abused his intelligence a few times. Those examples were when he hacked Greg's Net Kritterz account and changed the password and also messed up the settings and changed the parental lock feature on the TV.
    6. No one is brave enough to stand up to him. Not even Susan and Frank, and he doesn't get punished for his actions, making him a karma houdini.
      • As such, he uses his young age as an excuse to do bad things, which is why a lot of times he doesn't get punished for his actions due to the fact he likely knows most 3 year olds don't know any better. While it's understandable for him to do bad things given his age, it still does not excuse his behavior. For example, in Rodrick Rules, Manny broke Greg's video game console. When Greg tells Susan and she confronts Manny, Manny uses the lame excuse "I'm onwee thwee!" (I'm only three!) pretending not to know any better.
    7. He has no sense of boundaries, like wearing Greg's headgear, as shown in The Ugly Truth.
    8. He was nothing but a hindrance in The Long Haul, and what does he get in return? A pet pig.
    9. He may be a toddler, but he holds ridiculously powerful grudges towards Greg, Rodrick, and Rowley.
    10. Unlike Greg and Rodrick, he doesn't have any real friends. This is shown in The Third Wheel, where he made up his imaginative friends as an excuse to get extra cookies and away with everything, and the other day, he smashed a plate on the floor and told Susan it was Johnny Cheddar. His mom seems to fall for it but her kids don't. Also people are afraid of telling him his imaginary friends aren't real because they are scared of hurting his feelings.
    11. He has a rather questionable design and looks like some kind of duck or crocodile with two teeth rather than an actual baby with a circle head for example (at least the live action version of him was just a normal baby).
    12. He is a huge tattletale, as he tells on Greg for literally any bad thing he does, even things he didn't even do as he sometimes likes to lie to avoid getting in trouble.
      • An example of this would be when Frisky, a cat the Heffleys owned, knocked over a vase on purpose and Manny blames it on Greg (aka lying), and even worse Susan sides with him.

    Good Qualities

    1. The "PLOOPY!" thing was at least funny.
    2. To be fair, Manny only acts this way because Susan and Frank spoil him to death which causes him to think he can get away with misbehaving.
    3. He isn't completely cruel and heartless, and there are more than a few instances where he is shown to care for his family deep inside. "The Deep End" is the most notable example.
    4. Susan and Frank have reprimanded him a couple times (like when Susan convinced him to apologize to Greg for breaking his console in Rodrick Rules and Frank having to buy a leash for Manny because he was trying to escape from them to retrieve his pet pig in The Long Haul).
    5. While still annoying, he's more tolerable in the first three movies than in the books and doesn't do anything too sociopathic outside of being a nuisance to Greg. He is also starting to improve since "The Deep End", as he's not acting spoiled and entitled like he was in the previous books, and he doesn't throw tantrums either.
      • Speaking of "The Deep End", he was shown to be very brave as he fixed the bridge by making the Heffleys' submerged RV connect to its gap and allowing everyone to leave the campsite (while inside the RV being swept by a river no less) which is very nice of him.
    6. His design, sometimes, despite being questionable, can be cute and adorable.
    7. He is extremely intelligent for a three-year-old and has demonstrated his quick wits (learning to accommodate with scrap wood to successfully build a house in "Wrecking Ball" for instance) on several occasions.
    8. The Wimpy Kid series wouldn't be the same without him.
    9. At least he doesn't throw tantrums much.
    10. His actors (except for Dylan and Wyatt Walters) do good jobs.
    11. Because of the psychopathic, spoiled, and bratty toddler he is (especially in the earlier books) due to him intentionally misbehaving, it is highly likely that Manny Heffley is made to be hated.



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