Manny Heffley

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Manny Heffley
"I'm owny thwee!"
Gender: Male
Type: Spoiled Brat
Age: 3-5
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Manny Heffley is Greg and Rodrick's younger brother, and a major character in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid franchise.

Why He Sucks

  1. He probably existed maybe because the author never intended to have a sister in this series.
  2. In Cabin Fever, Manny was at his absolute worst, when he knocked the power out of the house, and almost murdered his family because no one taught him to tie his shoes! And he didn't get punished because he's a toddler!
    • And to add on to that: In the ending of Cabin Fever, what does he get? Some toys and a pair of sneakers!
    • To make it worse, even though he was taught how to tie his shoes, he still had Susan tie his shoes for him.
  3. He embarrassed Greg on saying "bubby" during the rehearsal of Wizard Of Oz at school.
  4. He was nothing but a hindrance in The Long Haul, but what does he get in return? A pet pig.
  5. Being the 3rd and youngest child of the Heffley family, Manny is severely spoiled and entitled. He also throws temper tantrums very easily. He even threw a temper tantrum in the middle of a Easter religious ceremony, embarrassing the entire family.
  6. He abused his intelligence when he hacked Greg's Net Kritterz account and changed the password.
  7. He's worse than Rodrick! At least Rodrick gets punished!
  8. No one is brave enough to stand up to him. Not even Susan and Frank.
  9. He cries too much.
  10. He has no sense of boundaries, like wearing Greg's headgear, as shown in The Ugly Truth.
  11. He is a huge tattletale, as shown in Rodrick Rules and The Last Straw.
  12. He uses his young age as an excuse to do bad things, which is why a lot of times he doesn't get punished for his actions.
  13. He holds ridiculously powerful grudges.
  14. In The Long Haul movie, he has curly hair with no explanation and looks completely different from the previous films.
  15. To make it even more worse, in Wrecking Ball, when Greg was going to do something, he wanted to come with him, Frank told him he was too young to help, so he had a temper tantrum because of that.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. "PLOOPY!"
  2. He sometimes doesn't bother his brothers, Greg and Rodrick.
  3. He means well since he's a baby.
  4. Though Susan and Frank don't ground him, they have been shown sometimes to get angry at him and there have been some ocassions in which they reprimand him for the troubles he causes (like when Susan convinced him to apologize to Greg for breaking his console in Rodrick Rules and Frank having to buy a leash for Manny because he was trying to escape from them to retrieve his pet pig in The Long Haul)
  5. Given his age, Manny still has time to change as he grows up.


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Manny: I'm ownwy thwee!!


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