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    "One by one, they will all fall."
    Gender: Male
    Type: The Malevolent One
    Age: 16
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Cory Doran
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Total Drama
    First appearance: Grand Chef Auto (As a shadow)
    Evil Dread (Physique)
    Last appearance: The Final Wreck-ening

    Mal is one of the five alternate personalities of the character Mike from Total Drama: Revenge of the Island who made a shadow cameo in Grand Chef Auto and appeared physically in the episode Evil Dread from Total Drama: All Stars when Scott hits Mike in the head causing Mal to take control of his body, he is the main antagonist of the season.

    Why He's Intentionally The Malevolent One (In a Bad Way)

    1. To begin with, he is indirectly or directly responsible (depending on the character) for most of the flanderization of almost the entire cast (except Heather and Alejandro), Zoey being the most affected, almost everyone became stupid to make Mal look like a bigger villain.
      • There are times when Mal said his bad intentions and surprisingly no one suspected him and if anyone did know Mal's true nature, no one believed them.
    2. Mal's pure evil personality feels very out of place on a reality show like Total Drama making him look more like a cartoonish villain than a reality show villain.
    3. Speaking of which, the reason why Mal wants the money is to build a base on a volcano, what would he gain from that?
    4. Mal as a villain felt very poorly written due to the lazy writing the season had and is reduced to a one-dimensional "I'm destructive because I'm evil" villain.
    5. He destroyed Sam's console, Sierra's cell phone, Duncan's knife, and Cameron's glasses just to show how "evil" he is.
    6. Despite causing some eliminations like Cameron and Gwen, his actions were overshadowed by external factors as Cameron being eliminated due to injuries caused by Ezekiel and Gwen being eliminated because Chris didn't like that she used bear poop to fix the picture.
    7. He has manipulated the other personalities into his misdeeds such as using Svetlana to cheat on Alejandro.
    8. Although Mal was defeated and eliminated for good, his defeat feels very anticlimactic since Mike just pressed a button.
    9. Mal suffers a lot from "Tell Don't Show" as some of his actions are mentioned and never shown just to glorify him even more, such as when Duncan mentions that he and Mal were in the same juvie which in the end serves as a fact rather than something that influences the plot in a certain way.
    10. He is one of the main reasons why All Stars is highly criticized and he is considered one of the worst villains in the series, if not the worst.

    Malevolent Qualities (In A Good Way)

    1. His voice actor, Cory Doran did a awesome job voicing him.
    2. In the finale, Mal received his karma when Mike disintegrated him from existence and regains control over his conscious, even if it's too absurd and not satisfying enough.
    3. Although his design is Mike with bangs, he feels somewhat intimidating.
    4. Admittedly, eliminating those who suspect him like Alejandro and Cameron was quite clever of him.
    5. It makes sense that he would go far since he is the season's bigger villain, even though he was executed badly.
    6. By his actions he was clearly made to be a hate sink.


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