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    Maggie Pesky
    "Enough Bella, you've been in my way all day!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Selfish, Disobedient Spoiled Brat
    Age: 12-13
    Species: Fly
    Portrayed by: Jessica DiCicco
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Buzz on Maggie
    First appearance: The Flyinator
    Last appearance: Bugtillion (Episode order)
    Roach Hotel (Airing order)

    Maggie Pesky is the main protagonist of the Disney Channel animated series The Buzz on Maggie. She is voiced by Jessica DiCicco, who also voices characters such as Lynn Loud and Lucy Loud from The Loud House.

    Buzzed-Off Qualities

    1. She is an immature girl who disobeys her parents on occasions, such as stealing the money she was only allowed to get if she got an A on her project, and she once brought Bella to the carnival without their permission.
    2. She looks and acts like a bug version of Nikki Maxwell from Dork Diaries.
    3. She is very selfish sometimes. She and Rayna made Eugene and Wendell do all the work on a project, and when Eugene shed his skin, rendering him unable to present the project, Maggie egged him on to present, showing she cared more about the project than him.
    4. She is easily a spoiled brat since she never seems to get what she wants.
    5. She is a huge butt-monkey character, as she always gets abused by the characters.
    6. She treats Pupert badly. In the episode "Bugsitting", she made him come with her to the Pil Bugs home despite promising to help him with his school assignment.
      • Speaking of bug-sitting, Maggie is always asked to babysit, even though she isn't responsible, and her parents know that.
    7. Being a fly, she indulges in gross habits, like spitting on her food or eating something rancid.
    8. Not just Pupert, but Maggie was also very mean to her baby sister Bella. She even made the poor baby cry and leave.
    9. Like both Ben Tennyson from the Ben 10 franchise and Johnny Test, she mostly never takes any advice from her best friend, Rayna Cartflight.
    10. Overall, Maggie Pesky being the main protagonist of the show, can make her insufferable to deal with for some people.
    11. Despite her actions, she gets off scot-free for the most part, and she is mostly a karma houdini.

    Not So Buzzed-Off Qualities

    1. She does have some nice moments, at least when she is not being disobedient and mean-spirited.
    2. Jessica DiCicco does a good job voicing her.
    3. She sometimes gets her karma because of her negative behavior.
    4. She is likable in some of the episodes.
    5. She isn't nearly as bad as Dawn and Aldrin, and she is more likable, tolerable, and interesting than them.
    6. Maggie Pesky does have a cute and passable character design; her tomboyish personality is admittedly cute.
    7. You can feel pity for her for being a butt-monkey and being abused by the other characters, and she can be relatable as a result of this.
    8. Maggie can get quite funny at times, especially her angry expressions.
    9. Her animation is great, and the show is one of the first Disney Television Animation TV shows to be animated in flash.

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